Su-25 will be equipped with new equipment

Su-25 will be equipped with new equipment
Company «Sukhoi» plans to equip the Su-25 instruments and equipment for fighting at night criteria told «Interfax» a source in the military-industrial complex.
«The next step modernization of Su-25 will be installed on these aircraft equipment designed for combat operations at night,» — said the agency interlocutor.

According to him, the industry is already developing such equipment, which will allow attack aircraft work, including with the «drones.»

«In the 3rd quarter of this year equipment must be received in the company» Sukhoi Attack Aircraft «, then begin installing it on the Su-25 and flight testing,» — said the agency interlocutor.

He recalled that in the earlier special flight test equipment has been tested by a distant radio, secure communications, telecode communication station EW «Vitebsk-25.»

The interviewee noted that all the above, the existing and planned operations are carried out in order to increase the combat effectiveness of the Su-25.

«This year we plan to upgrade the 12 combatant Su-25 Su-25SM variant» — a spokesman said.

Most take-off weight of the modernized Su-25 is 17.5 tons Maximum weight of the payload — 4.4 m Maximum speed with four FAB-250M-62 and 2hR-60 (R-60M) at a height of 200 m — 950 km / h (M = 000.782). Practical flight range — 495 km Ferry range — 1980 km. Takeoff / m run 500-550/550-600

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