Su-27 — one of the best combat aircraft in the world. Part of the 4th. In the service now

To realize further development of modern military aircraft require substantial funding. For this purpose fighter Su were offered for sale. The main buyers were China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia. A lot of enthusiasm to the aircraft such as the Su-30MK is manifested Thailand.

Su-30 series, made on the basis of Sou-27, created for the realization of long flights. The Su-30 can carry a dogfight as a group and alone. Sou-30 is effective when applied as a command pt. It will equip the new system of satellite communication and navigation system. Equipment installed on it allows you to control air conditions during the battle. In service with the Su-30 are 30-mm gun and a resettable weapons weighing about 8 tons. This battle aircraft is also capable of carrying missiles of various types.

On the credit bureau "Dry" is developed by the designers of multi-purpose fighter-Bomber fourth generation Su-37. This aircraft is capable of striking ground targets, regardless of the time of day, and to dogfight on the far outskirts of the country's borders. It can also be used as an interceptor and reconnaissance missions. The Su-37 is the newest armament and electrical equipment. Has overestimated the level of survivability. It is able to operate near the ground, which reduces the possibility of technical means of detection of the enemy.

Regular plane Su — Su-30MKI. Its main purpose — far interceptor and team plane for group operations. Has system air refueling. Featuring a unique maneuverability and decent take-off and landing capabilities. Has no flight restrictions over the angle of attack. Engines with asymmetrically divergent nozzle that allows you to adjust the direction of the thrust vector. There is a modern avionics. The aircraft was developed by order zabugornogo buyer.

The pride of the Russian Federation is its aerobatic team. Group "Russian Knights" comes into the center display their aircraft. NN Kozheduba and is the only unit in the world, which makes the group flying on languid fighters. Aerobatic group "Rus" is formed on the basis of Viazemsky aviakluba in 1987. Flying aerobatic team "Swifts" different performing a huge number of complex shapes performed on military vehicles Su.

But the development of aviation technology continues. Specialists believe that the developed EDO "Sukhoi" Su-35 is a fundamentally new combat aircraft. It has modern avionics, radar last generation. Has the ability to detect distant targets and the ability to fire at once more than 3 x 10-s goals. It installed the most massive engines with thrust vector control. Su-35 to equip modern weapons.

First flight PAK FA took place January 29, 2010 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Multirole fighter T-50 meets all likely requirements: easy to operate, a cheap to manufacture and maintain, is rapidly gaining a supersonic speed without afterburner, has tremendous maneuverability (even with the huge overload), it is the best set electric equipment, it is barely noticeable for the equipment of the enemy.

In all the years of work and development of the latest models of military aircraft experts at OKB "Dry" could not just pass by the army interesting combat aircraft, and retain qualified engineering and work-up, and carry out the modernization of production.

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