Su-30cm Russian Air Force will solve previously inaccessible puzzles — expert

Multi-purpose fighter Su-30cm, the delivery of which began in the army, will allow the Russian Air Force to solve previously inaccessible puzzles, told RIA Announces Chief of Military Training and Research Center of Russian Air Force "Air Force Academy named after NE Zhukovsky and Dr. Yuri Gagarin" Major-General Alexander Harchevsky.

Recently the Air Force RF took the company "Irkut" the first two multi-purpose fighter Su-30cm. So Makar, the executing signed in March 2012 a contract to supply the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation 30 Su-30cm. By purchasing these modern double fighters in the Air Force is calculated not only to increment its combat power, and prepare pilots for development of aircraft fifth generation.

"We Su-30cm at times increased fighting ability in the detection and destruction of targets, with not one, but several at once. Potential of the 1st plane is comparable to that of the potential 2-planes of the previous generation. Was not in vain pilots of Indian Air Force Sou-30MKI air combat training win at the U.S. Air Force pilots, "- said Harchevsky.

Answering the question of what the basis of the opinion of a military pilot superagility advantage possessed by the Su-30cm, Harchevsky said "Plane, thanks to the super-maneuverability, opens the newest era in piloting. It can fly not only to classical — positive or negative — congestion, and with the side. This gives the pilot the ability to build a new three-dimensional space maneuver takes to win in a dogfight. In turn, the emergence of super-maneuverable aircraft has an impact on new ways of fighting in the air, on the strategy of aerial combat. "

Harchevsky noted the importance of enlisting Sou-30cm for the Russian Air Force.

"This is a new step in the rearming of the Air Force. Abilities fighters can improve battle the potential of our aircraft. To this day, the Russian Air Force did not have the aircraft, which would allow to solve problems on this highest level. However, they will not enter the army in single copies, and whole squadrons. At one time I dreamed to fly on this plane, and now that dream is becoming a reality for many of our pilots, "- concluded the major-general.

Harchevsky many years headed the 4th Order of Lenin Red Centre of combat deployment and retraining of pilots of the Air Force named after Chkalov. Here planes and pilots are taught not only to fly, and to wage war: open combat abilities of new machines, develop promising tactics, training techniques make air fighters. Alignment of Alexander Harchevsky particularly valuable, as it has the experience of flying the Su-30MKI, which was the development of the upcoming new fighter Russian Air Force.

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