Su-34 goes to the military services

Su-34 goes to the military services

Functional frontline bomber Su-34 has successfully passed the second and final step of municipal flight tests. Recently, the results of the tests will be signed by the respective Act and the aircraft will be officially adopted by the Russian Air Force, this report to the news agency. As is clear in December 2010, four of these aircraft the Air Force has already received and began to exploit the new bombers.

Su-34 started to be developed in the 90 years of the last century, this plane was to be the first in a new class of combat aircraft — aviation combat functional complex that combines the functions of the inside of the front bombers and fighters. This combination of combat capabilities would allow a great deal combat tasks by lesions of sea, land and air targets.
It was planned that the new aircraft will be able to change the outdated morally and physically aircraft are in service with the Air Force. It should be noted that the story of the creation of the Su-34 is not a lot of time reflects realized the problem at the turn of 1000 lety as the Russian aircraft industry and the armed forces as a whole.

In the development of the Su-34 major challenge for the designers was the task of combining superior maneuverability and speed range and high combat load. For the base of the development of a new airplane was taken the most advanced at that time, which absorbed all the new services Aviatechnology and aerodynamics of the Su-27. Budding fighter-bomber was designated Su-27IB, in January 1983 signed a corresponding decree and the Sukhoi Design Bureau began developing the newest combat vehicle.

Su-34 goes to the military services


Su-34 goes to the military services


Create a new aircraft is also thought as a response to the overseas aircraft manufacturers developed a "multi-role fighter» F-15E, which was created on the basis of training and combat modification of the F-15B. Su-27IB was created as well as a modification of the combat training of the Su-27UB. The plan was virtually no configuration to save the link-design-and aero scheme, most of the technical solutions and combat abilities layout. But the main configuration and improvements have to touch the masses and nomenclature battle load, also planned to install a new avionics (avionics).

Su-34 goes to the military services


But in the process of the work on the project has undergone significant changes plane. So, for example to increase the safety and effectiveness of combat was decided to have the introduction of the crew fighting vehicle near (like the Su-24) was to facilitate the interaction between members of the crew, to avoid duplication and ensure the device is quite comfortable accommodation of the crew during long hours of flight. The aircraft equipped with a front horizontal tail for stable flight at all speeds and altitudes vozduhopoglotiteli engines were manufactured unregulated.

As a result, the designers had to fundamentally redesign the fuselage: the nose was completely new — with an elliptical nose cone and the influx of new wing, significantly changed contours of the fairing and chassis fairings; weighty increased fuel tank number 1; vozduhopoglotiteli redesigned and partially modified tail boom. However, some of continuity features of the Su-27, though were kept namely wing and VET. As a result of the work inside the right amount of glider increased by 30%, brand new car potyazhelela more than a third part, and the take-off weight — more than half.

Significantly increased and the ability of avionics, which consisted of: functional radar with phased array, integrated opto-electronic surveillance and attack system with TV and laser channels to detect and ground targets and guidance on their guns, thermal imaging equipment in mounted container to provide round the clock combat implementation, radar rearview navigation equipment, radio communications, a powerful set of electronic warfare and other systems.

The new aircraft could carry an arsenal managed (guided missiles "air-to-air", "air-to-surface", corrected and guided bombs) and unmanaged (up to 8000 kg at 12 hardpoints, bombs KMGU, NAR) weapons.

February 13, 1992 in the Belarusian airport "Machulishchy" a promising new aircraft was first shown to the public. In 1992, the brand-new combat vehicle took part in the air show in Zhukovsky, and in the fall of 1993 on regular drawings was made the first Su-27IB (T10V-2, the board number 43).

But by 1994 it was clear what to do, as planned, "two in one" of the Su-27IB not work. A significant increase in weight, not a bad hotel and a massive arms newcomer did not give the aircraft the ability to resist being equal "pure" fighters, initially prepared for the conquest of advantages in the air. Su-27IB was renamed the standard front-line bomber, which was different from similar aircraft having a solid arsenal of missiles "air-to-air" and a strong radar.

In 1995, at Le Bourget was demonstrated the next version of the Su-32FN. Double maritime patrol and strike aircraft complex land-based, designed for reconnaissance in marine theater and combat ships and submarines of the enemy. From the base plane, he was different composition of avionics and weapons, which could be cut special means of detection and destruction of marine purposes. Namely, encompassing target search and track system "Sea Dragon" based on a modified radar, electro-optical systems, magnetometer, sonobuoys and other sensors also a wide range of weapons of "air-sea", including long-range anti-ship missiles and homing torpedoes .

Su-34 goes to the military services


In 1996, in Novosibirsk was built next pre-production aircraft, received the latest indication system — with color MFD. Then it was renamed from the Su-32FN in SU-32MF (functional).

As the millennium development programm upcoming Su-34 strongly activated. In 2000 already the second pre-production aircraft (T10V-4) was demonstrated at the air show in Farnborough. T
his modification of the intensively promoted for export but despite lucrative offers, customers can achieve great success in this direction failed.

In 2002-2003, the development programm Sou-34 all the same to get a decent push and began to develop rapidly. As emphasized at the MAKS-2003 Sukhoi CEO Mikhail Pogosyan, "the program of the Su-34 — one of the most important for the Russian air force … We have reached a steady step of the flight test, hooked more cars and flying laboratory for testing on-board radar."

In the end, in the summer of 2003 was successfully completed the first step of the joint municipal tests Su-34, and signed a preliminary conclusion about the launch of the aircraft in a batch creation. In the autumn of the same 2003 Air Force Commander Vladimir Mikhailov said that the Air Force has recently wish to order a 10-production Su-34, and state tests scheduled to graduate in 2004-2005. But these plans are coming in, as we do, and sometimes had to adjust significantly.

From the base of its own progenitor of the Su-27, new The Su-34 got rich "legacy", but he also has a number of significant differences. For example, a large armored cabin, equipped with a device for the production of food, thermos, first aid kit and waste removing the device. ASIC this brand new machine has:

new Information and control field of the cockpit with five function LCD indicator and changed against the windshield, also changed flight control and navigation equipment;

— Frontal horizontal tail at the ends of the influx changed the configuration of the wing;

— Vozduhopoglotiteli — All-speed, non-adjustable;

— Under each wing are equipped with one additional node suspension arms (maximum weight of payload — up to 8000 kg), and others.

Please illumine 2010 Air Force Commander Colonel General Alexander Zelin during his visit to the air base in Voronezh said that in 2011 the first production Su-34 entered service in the units of the air base. It only remains to impose that in this time plans for the Su-34 adjusted for the worse will not be.

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