Su-34 in the State of the Russian Air Force

Please illumine successfully completed municipal tactical flight tests of the new front-line bomber production Sukhoi Design Bureau, which received the name of the Su-34. The decision of state commission — to advise the tested bomber to the adoption.

Resolution of the Russian Government on the findings of the Civil Code will be released in 2012, but it is already becoming nezapyatannoy formality, because the programm Russian Air Force bomber those already in place. Military aircraft of the Russian Federation already has in its composition similar squadron of bombers.

In carrying out the air show MAKS-2011 Air Force Commander Colonel General Zelin said the Russian Federation plans to acquire 120 units of Su-34, which in the organizational and staffing plan will be 5 air squadrons. According to the plan of supply, in 2010 the Air Force received four "bomber", in 2011 — 6 more, and in 2012 will be transferred to another 14 cars.

Purpose of the fighter-bomber Su-34
Double Su-34 is used to perform combat missions to destroy and disabling
air, ground and sea targets, including small size and mobile objects. Implementation battle introducing the concept of aircraft types such as is done without the help of others, and as a part of the day and night, and in the process of conducting aerial reconnaissance. Design features of the product and complex combat and navigation equipment on board the aircraft makes it possible to conduct combat actions in the criteria for setting the enemy interference of various types and in heavy firing and the information against the enemy.

The story of its creation
At the end of 2006, 2 serial fighter-bomber Su-34 were transferred to the Russian Air Force.

Develop a refreshed fighter — bomber turned into full swing Sukhoi Design Bureau in the 80s. It was necessary to make a new plane, which could carry a lot of ammunition, and for all that has sufficient range, coupled with a solid speed and superior maneuverability.
The reference model for the production of such "bomber" was elected to the serial fighter Su-27.

The premiere of the new Su-27IB, as it was first dubbed accomplished April 13, 1990, when the sky rose aviation technology, and re-training and combat of the Su-27. In late 1994, the first flight made specially built Novosibirsk APO them. VP Chkalov Sou-34. And at the end of 2006, the Russian Air Force has received two such production aircraft.

Device features of the Su-34
In particular, the obvious difference of the Su-34 from the entire range of the Su-27 is an assembly seats the pilot and the navigator close together. Internal device allows the crew cab to allow small movements within its space. During the fighting compartment foreseen a small room where you can eat on and use all the features of comfort combat vehicles, which have no other combat vehicles tactical aircraft. Another advantage of the Su-34 pilots — the ability to fly at altitudes up to 11,000 feet without oxygen masks, and staffing elektromassazhery K-36DM seats created for bailouts pilots.

The cockpit is armored capsule, and therefore can make pilots flying on small elevations in the fire contact with the enemy. Other principal components of the aircraft, such as engines, are also armored protection.

The supplies of fuel makes it possible to fly a distance of up to 4 thousand kilometers, in-flight refueling — to 7 thousand km

The main component parts of avionics of the Su-34 aircraft radar antenna is configured as a phased array, which makes a huge amount of features, aft radar, which is used to signal the pilots to attack the enemy, and manages URSami in the rear hemisphere. Apart from that, here comes the equipment and electronic warfare. To combat the small-sized targets is further installed thermal imaging opto-electronic system.

Masters say that the Su-34 is comfortable in aerobatics, ergonomic automation products sovladevaet perfectly with all the criteria of flight, including all modes of operation.

The fighter-bomber has 12 points of suspension guns, with two of them — double that found between the pods and are used to attach missiles "air-land" Among types of shock gun, which is used Su-34 missiles are MD X-25M and X-29 of various types, rockets CD X-31 T / A, X-59M, responsive bombs KAB-500 and KAB-1500, as bombs and blocks Nursi. Missiles to destroy enemy aircraft consists of missiles R-73, R-27 different species and RVV-AE. According to the results of municipal tests found that the Su-34 can use about 20 types of guided weapons, taking into account the recent developments in this area. The aircraft can fly up 8 tons of different weapons. The artillery armament is a 30 mm cannon integrated GS-301.

Aircraft to equip the AL-31F engines, and from 2012 they will be changed for the modernized AL-31FM1 with a thrust of 13.5 tons is planned to increase combat capabilities of the fighter-bomber

Su-34 is used extensively in the course of exercises "Vostok-2010". Was performed non-stop flight from Lipetsk airport to the Far East with 2 fill-ups. With all of this aircraft proparhali more than 8,000 km. On their account and combat missions and role in the mission to Georgia in August 2008

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