Su-35s were tested for operational use

Su-35s were tested for operational use

Flight tests with actual combat use of functional super-maneuverable fighter aircraft Su-35s carried out at the present time in the municipal joint test (SIT) in the Municipal flight test center of the Russian Air Force. Acquired technical and accuracy properties of surveillance and attack systems and modes of combat in the main implementation consistent with the stated terms of reference, reports the press service of the "Company" Sukhoi ".

During the time of the ICG made a significant number of flights to assess the technical characteristics of the flight, strength, stamina and agility, power plant and avionics complex. Conducted basic ground and flight tests to verify the operation of management information systems, complex communication, navigation and radar systems. On billboards Sukhoi and subcontractors are actively working for the ground test systems and aircraft systems.

Total programmke flight tests performed more than 650 flights.

Su-35 — profoundly modernized super-maneuverable functional fighter generation "4 +". It utilizes technology fifth generation, providing an advantage over similar class fighters. Distinctive features of the aircraft are new complex avionics based on digital information control system integrating avionics systems, brand new radar (radar) with a phased array with long-range detection of air targets with an increased number immediately tracked and engaged targets, new engines with increased thrust and turning thrust vector.

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