Su and MiG aircraft for China

Tomorrow, November 16, in the Chinese city of Zhuhai disclosed eighth international aerospace show Airshow China 2010 — the largest in Asia and one of the largest in the world.

Despite the lowering of some shred of China in the structure of Russian arms exports, Beijing is one of the most important Russian partners. In particular, continues to be made a series of agreements on aircraft and air defense.

— In the Chinese army, which is operated by Russian technology, built a strong foundation, so we need to find ways that will take into account the interests of both sides — the head of the delegation of "Rosoboronexport" Sergei roots.

Our homeland has brought in Zhuhai newest airplanes. Aircraft "Su" are fighters Su-30MK and Su-30MK2, one of the most desired, different versions of which are now flying in China, India, Malaysia and Venezuela. Not the least enthusiasm of overseas fighters usually cause the family "MiG" — the MiG-29 SMT, MiG-35, and his twin modification. A distinctive feature of the MiG-35 — a successful combination of large aircraft performance characteristics, battle efficiency, safety and reliability characteristics. It will equip radar "Zhuk-AE" active phased-array, which detects targets at ranges of up to 150 km and at once accompanied 30 of them. With all this in parallel pilot can storm a few goals high-precision weapons.

For crew training is offered by the armed forces of our Air Force trainingbattle Yak-130. Due to the flight characteristics, special onboard programs from combat simulation mode implementation is now considered a more effective means of training pilots for all modern fighters. In addition, the Yak-130 can successfully be used as a light combat aircraft.

Specialists will be able to see the amphibian aircraft Be-200, which were very effective in extinguishing fires in Europe and Russia. In the middle of other items — military transport Il-76MD and Il-112B tanker Sludge-78MK, the patrol Il-114MP.

Our homeland is one of the world leaders in many areas of helicopter. This year, in comparison with 2009, the volume of exports rose by 30 per cent. The family of "Mi" is in Zhuhai transport but-martial E-35M military transport Mi-171SH, thus lifting the world Mi-26T and its modernized version of the Mi-26T2. Their unique abilities Mi-26 showed in China in fire-fighting and eliminating the effects of earthquakes. With it managed to quickly flip to destroyed villages and military rescue units, languid construction equipment, and evacuate casualties. Last modification of the Mi-26T2 has a shorthand crew and armed with the latest avionics, allowing fly at any time of the day.

Guests of the exhibition will be presented and a number of helicopters firm "Kamov", including Multipurpose Ka-32 and Ka-226T, helicopter radar picket Ka-31. Special attention is also expected to combat Ka-52 is massive armor and weaponry. The unique flexibility allows the Ka-52 for kutsee time to commit to engage in combat turns profitable attacking position. The helicopter can be excellent and conduct reconnaissance, surveillance and target designation, used as a command vehicle while coordinating a group of combat helicopters.

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