Sudan vs. South Sudan

Sudan vs. South SudanSudanese troops, supported by aircraft, invaded South Sudan and moved to the adjacent areas to seventeen miles. Information Agency «AFP» The Minister of disk imaging South Sudan BM Benjamin.

As the minister handed, combat aircraft Sudan bombed the oil fields and wells for water extraction in the seventy-four kilometers from the border. Sudanese ground troops had occupied the province Unity — heart of oil production South Sudan. The fact is that Khartoum will not recognize the sovereignty of their own neighbors in the region and makes Juba claims.

Sudanese authorities had previously blamed South Sudan in support of the rebels operating in several provinces north of the border. But Juba categorically denied the accusations.

Invasion — not the "first signs" of a regional conflict. A few days back the Sudanese rebels captured army base near the border with South Sudan. And Khartoum — once again — accused of supporting the operation of their own neighbors.

Government South Sudan gained independence as a result of the referendum (2011). But the division of the country's borders are not official parties gave the world: Juba and Khartoum can not decide border disputes and alternately blamed each other in support of the separatists, conducting its operations in 2-countries. In addition, unharmonious neighbors arguing for economic reasons, for example, because of the prices for the transportation of South Sudan oil area of Sudan.

In the end, to "brand new" border adjoining states and then there are incidents of guns. Victims of conflict are often the peaceful inhabitants.

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