Syrias intelligence agencies failed miserably

Syria's intelligence agencies failed miserably

One of the real revelations of the "Arab Spring" in Syria is the last inefficiency of special services, and the omnipotence of which legends strolled far beyond. The reason to talk about them is a double attack, carried out in Damascus on December 23 buildings around the headquarters of the local security services using car bombs. As a result, 10's people were killed, among which many workers and security.

As you know, several intelligence agencies in Syria, which stands above the Mukhabarat, the military intelligence. It would seem that the situation was under their control. In Syria, mirthless joke that intelligence agents is every second Syrian. But the Syrian "knights of cloak and dagger" were completely unfounded in reflection of today's attacks against the regime. It would seem that those who are not as employees of the security were to intercept the enemy's hand while she has not struck?

In this case, about vserasprostranennoy in their environment of corruption in Syria in general stroll legend. In general, it is fair to say that when the creator of this material was in Aleppo and decided to make a night voyage "without an armed escort," on the other day he got a fairly detailed report on where he was and how much money and what their needs izderzhal. I was given a clear hint that the "big brother is looking for you."

Yet I seem to have shown remarkable ability of local security officers. But nothing extraordinary here. Every taxi driver and every owner of a cafe as the people through which passes a lot of people are in Syria the service of the "bodies", and keep track of foreigners, of which, judging by the almost completely deserted at Damascus International Airport, the country has practically no, not difficult.

But keep track of the real enemies of the regime for some reason they can not. After a puncture in Damascus far not the first. Suffice it to say that the Syrian security forces were unable to prevent either the 1st big komplota (Deraa, Jisr al-Shughour, Deir al-Zor, Nahal, Latakia, Homs). The situation with "Pravda.Ru" commented one of the favorites of the Syrian National Committee, Ali Salim al-Assad: "The Syrian security forces have proven to be the worst part. Currently arrested the head of State Security of Homs and 90 percent of his subordinates. Turns out that he helped the bandits, and in all visibility was doing it for the money. Unfortunately, the system is rotten, all around solid corruption. Actually, security reincarnated as a mafia structure, and it happened because of the unlimited power of the situation in which they exist.

After all, what happened in Deraa and Homs, is not singular choices. Everywhere there were armed uprisings, in varying degrees, noted betrayal. How does a weave man caught in a deadly trap in Jisr al-Shugurov? In the middle of employees of state security a traitor, which said the bandits vneglasny orders in force before the summer, according to which the use of forbidden weapons against those who take to the streets.

The power was still counting on the fact that the flash can be repaid without unnecessary bloodshed and that the situation will resolve without introducing excessive force. And the mass of a few hundred people who believed in their impunity, broke into the building occupied by the security forces, and committed the people trapped above the brutal execution. And such "moles" merges aggressive regime forces valuable information, were everywhere.

To correct the situation, it is necessary to radically reform the system and clean it from similar parts. This is an important task for the president, and this requires a willful decision on his part.

The country is in a difficult hour was defenseless, with a broken system security, and its omnipotence, as shown, was a myth, inspired by another from the past thanks to mend its employees repression and terror.

I must say that is an alarming state of this important sphere for the country received in the past. For example, in 2008 in Damascus was killed the second man in the "Hezbollah" Imad Magne, who was the military commander of the organization. He and his whereabouts were deeply classified. It seemed that he was invincible, because very few people knew him by sight. All the same, he died. And this happened in a protected area, specifically controlled by Syrian intelligence services.

As a result, initiated an investigation into the Mukhabarat was arrested many "moles" connected with the intelligence agencies of Saudi Arabia, and sadly famous prince Sultan which and manages the operations of those hidden in Riyadh. "

It should be added that in some kinds of cases (for example in Deraa), special services specifically acts provoked national protests. And they began armed uprisings across the country. Recall that the reason for the rebellion in Deraa on March 15 was the detention officers gosbeza young boys who have written on the walls of anti-government label.

Local elders were to ask him to let go of "dopey kids." Those they were told that they no longer see them, and if they want to have sons, then let them bring their wives, and they named them do, then lowered the threshold kicks.

The government had a chance to begin a dialogue with the local population. For this it was necessary to punish the guilty about. But the guilty, according to According to local sources, he paid only their posts and did not even put behind bars. From the outside it looked as if mode Black covers and bad deeds of their own fosterling. And the people rose up in Deraa.

However, at some point, those acts comes the reckoning. Many, perhaps, comes to mind autumn Hungary in 1956, when the insurgent representatives of state security men were caught and hung them on trees and lampposts.

But there are far more examples of breaking Syria itself, with its inherent local "flavor." For example, the same Jisr al-Shughour beginning in June 2011. The whole world is spared captured on camera mobiles rollers on which the locals drag through the town disfigured, mutilated and disemboweled corpses of yesterday's domination muhabaratchikov. And Syria You can hear a lot of stories about the outrages perpetrated muhabaratchikami, which even priklnnye regime people call "distraught." And that, as practice shows, not including how to collect tribute from traders and breakin civilians, not enough to their best.

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