TEPS Octopus-SD significant increment firing artillery ability Airborne

TEPS "Octopus-SD" significantly increased the firepower of artillery Airborne

Maneuverability and fire power of artillery Airborne Forces increased significantly due to the entering in 2010 troops more than 20 units of TEPS (self-propelled anti-tank gun) "Octopus-SD."

The Office of the Press Service and disk imaging Ministry of Defense said that in the past year for airborne delivery of the technique was carried out. But in 2012, the paratroopers will put about 10 units of 125-millimeter TEPS "Octopus-SD." This will allow before the end of the year equip guns Airborne Forces new guns in an amount up to one third of the need.

Light tracked amphibious aviadesantiruemaya anti-tank gun "Octopus-SD 'is used to deal with self-propelled artillery, tanks, armored personnel carriers and other mobile armored targets, as well fire Support Airborne.

In addition, all systems are in service with artillery Airborne Forces at the moment are deep modernization. Namely, the main cannon Airborne "Nona" upgraded for improved tactical and technical characteristics.

As pointed out in its own nedavneshnem interview Lieutenant General Vladimir Shamanov, commander of the Airborne Troops, "a substantial increase maneuverability and firepower capabilities of artillery landing has been achieved through the modernization of the main armament."

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