Terrible does not happen (photo)

Monuments dedicated to the stateliness Russian war, criticize not accepted — a taboo. Even if they are made poorly and were ugly from birth, as hacks with all this sacred task was always plenty, criticism — it's a special Soviet-Russian cynicism. Let's try to discuss some of the advantages of these structures.

Tikhvin: Monument Leningrad children

Many people know about Lychkovskaya disaster: when the station between an old Russa and Valdai train was bombed with the Leningrad kids. Now there is three of the monument every year rallies and meetings "lychkovtsev" — survivors of Leningrad in hell and those who rescued them.

Much less they say about another bombing that claimed the lives of a vast number of kids in Tikhvin in autumn 1941. They say it was the last train, who retired from Leningrad before closed in the blockade. Memoirs of witnesses were also terrible: "The kids are very burnt, they crawled and hobbled, dying in pain from the station to the town, and did not have enough people and carts, so assist them …"

But in Tikhvin, which is several times larger and more tiny Lychkova, there was not 1 person who would do something that could lychkovtsam: the station is not a monument, it is gone, and the cemetery on the Mount Fishovoy the Church of Job the Long-suffering. Only costs a standard pyramid with an old dilapidated sign, informing that there are kids Leningrad, died at Tikhvin plant in autumn 1941. Do not learn from tihvintsam lychkovtsev?

Kerstovo: aliens, characters

This is a very terrible monument. Pregnant ladies and small children to look at it is not recommended. But want decent: in the village Kerstovo Kingiseppsky areas near the church staged a mass grave soldier and sailors who lost their lives on this land. And put on the grave monument itself. Relief from Myagenko already rusted iron leads to recall movies about aliens. No, not the case with the people of the earth to such persons: Beznos, with eyes on the sides of the head, with schelyastym lipless mouth. One is forced to start the hunt in numerous local legends another — of a flying saucer, padded Germans above the boiler, and the glorious aliens valiantly fought on our side, in revenge for their fallen comrades and damage to property. Cynical? And to put on the grave that's such a terrible monument — not cynical?

Majestic village: the dark lady

In a land ravaged by war, in every parish has its monuments. Usually it is some simple plaster figures of warriors or mourning ladies at mass graves, often — of the village cemetery. Paint them, usually with silver paint, but the village is stately village of Lake Cheremenetskim a mourning lady with a child painted in a dark color, making it produces strshnoe memory. The architect intended monument own mother (this is written at the foot of the monument), but the taste is very sculptor disappoint. Sculpture very creepy even days are, as of early winter evening to be next to him is absolutely not necessary — can dream later.

Kingissepp: cannon correct and incorrect gun

District center Kingissepp already decorated with 2 guns at once, one on arrival to the city from St. Petersburg, the other — the "Memory Grove." The one at the "Memorial Grove" — a fine example of Russian artillery gun factory production Perm. This is a 122-millimeter howitzer divisional reference 1910/1930 period. These guns had time to make a few thousand, and they were very vserasprostraneny in the Red Army before the war. Project 1910 was a little reworked due to the growth of the charge that the increment firing range on almost one kilometer. By the way, the Germans captured in the first years of the war, several hundred of these guns, they have adopted, and even made them for needed ammunition. This gun was found in the old days Luga — most likely, it fell back in retreat in August 1941. He was picked up and set on a pedestal next to the cathedral in 1959, and at this place the gun was moved in 2007, as there pitched memorial grove in memory of those killed during the war.

But the cannon on arrival, symbolizing the heroic defense of the Luga abroad (not in the town of Luga and the river) — absolutely incorrect. This 76-mm divisional gun ZIS-3, the most common tool of Russian stateliness and enjoys the most popular monument in the North-West. But she could not defend Luga limit for steel to build it up only in 1942. The same complaint applies to other similar guns, arranged through the battle of 1941.

Vypolzovo: Monument burned village

Villages in our area burnt a lot — and their burnt, and others, currently has almost no eyewitnesses. At the site of some of them put the monuments. Here in the burnt village in 1943 Vypolzovo that Volosovsky area, put a memorial obelisk. He erected in 1985, as written on its underside, and now has all the ragged, crumbling. In the spring it is usually surrounded by thick smoke: some hunting in nenaselenke burn pot over svezheraskopannymi foundations — the "dark" can not get enough. And it looks as though in 1943 the village did not burn out.

Reddish Mountain: Russian Gabriel

In the Luga area only two monuments of federal significance. One of them is near the village of reddish mountains outside the town Osmino. It is devoted heroic Russian partisans, fortified Spanish Brigades. Page of history is not very popular, but looking at the monument, which is lavishly decorated with the names of "producers" (the creators — do not dare say) come to mind only the maxim that talent is rare, and the hunt is over. After sloppy "Russian Gabriel" trampling "fascist vermin", built by Prof. architects and architects.

Pinaeva slides: there is no worse

But cheers one event: none monument in Leningrad and was not standing next to a "masterpiece" that have been built from the neighbors. Memorial in the village of Gorki Pinaeva that in Staraya Russa area appeared not so long ago, the site of the increasing mass grave — in the boiler Demyansk search engines every year are finding new victims. Local residents immediately called the horror of "the explosion at the common cemetery." Nearby one can see that it will share constructed of very bad materials and has started to fall apart, but still has not fallen off plaque proclaims, that this cooked up artist honored and honorable academician.

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