Test pilot Marina Popovich saw UFO

It has become known as the most famous woman in the world-pilot test new types of aircraft, the world record holder. She knows the circumstances of the preparation of the first cosmonauts. She participated in the search for Bigfoot and examines the many years of contacts with aliens. She was awarded the title "Outstanding Woman of the twentieth century …"

"God is, I'm telling you"

Originally Marina Popovich of Smolensk. There, in the Smolensk land, at the time of the war only in the battles for Rzhev killed millions of our soldiers and officers. Nine hundred thousand people were killed in the battle of Yelnia, eight hundred thousand — a self Smolensk. And when this brave little woman asked why she decided to become a military pilot, Marina Lavrentyevna always give the same answer: "It would take revenge on the Nazis."

— But in the flight school — she said — in the forties did not take women. I came with a request to Nicholas Kamanin, the future head of the astronauts, then head of the aviation work DOSAAF. He heard it, they told me to apply personally to the Chairman of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet Voroshilov. Clement Efremovich my desire to approve.

So they took me to the pilots, even though I could barely reach the pedals down the aircraft. But piloted nice. After graduation, I was left to work there instructor, headed by the Hero of the Soviet Union Vladimir Seryogin — the man who later together with Gagarin died.

— Marina Lavrentyevna in your bio test pilot was a lot of extreme situations, when solved all second or meters. Tell our readers about the most memorable of them.

— One of these cases was when I was flying in the Volgograd Volga. Of the units at the time were many reports of unexplained crashes of MiG-21, accompanied by the death of the pilots.

When I flew on this plane, thrust suddenly dropped. I only had time to take the wheel, so that the aircraft did not enter his nose to the ground. When planting hit her head on the dashboard, fainted.

Get me out, and then found and the cause of PE — Unclosed nozzle flaps aircraft. Constructive flaw. It removed, and the accident stopped.

And when I'm here, in the Volgograd region, established his fifteenth world distance record in the sky at first refused one engine, then the second. I landed like a glider, with the engine shut off. And sat right on target, though it was impossible, impossible.

Record my recorded. So I topped by a 404 kilometer distance record set by an American pilot. But this is not my ability to say, this God has helped me, so I believe.

God is there, I'm telling you. You know, in space, in the sky and at great depths under water atheists are no …

Gagarin set

— As far as I know, you have participated in the preparation of the first cosmonaut, Gagarin is set …

— Yes, the training was extremely complex, consisting of many checks and testing. In one of them — "checking for fear" — for example, to be solved in three minutes math problem. But at this time suddenly started to sound the siren volume one hundred and seventy decibels, and the light hit in the eye, like sets of five projectors. In an astronaut leaving only those who were able to solve the problem of these conditions correctly.

Then there was a second trial, pilots her eyes called "the Gestapo." Man laid on the table, tied very tightly, took his blood from a vein. After that, the table overturned, had half an hour hanging upside down. Immediately after that, the pilot put the banks on his chest? it was a test for the fragility of blood vessels. If blood flowed's generated or at least a dark spot under the bank — human deducted from the order.

One of the most serious training had a long stay in an isolation chamber. In complete isolation from the world, in total silence, when even hear the heart works. Some in this crazy. But one pilot burned alive on his clothing caught fire from the stove, because of an excess of oxygen in the chamber.

— How many people have passed through such trials?

— Invited was first three thousand pilots. Then remained a thousand, then — six hundred. Of them for the first flight were chosen six — Yuri Gagarin, Gherman Titov, Andrian Nikolayev and Pavel Popovich, Valery Bykovsky and Gregory dislikes. And they are specifically trained to fly in a year. It was a terrific training in sports and technically.

A month before the flight you take three. Nicholas Kamanin chose Yuri Gagarin and Sergei Korolev — German Titov, his assistant, Academician Boris Rauschenbach — Gregory dislike. And the evidence "astronaut number one" was then handed to dislike it, even in space, he never flew. Was dismissed for misconduct from the cosmonaut corps, very hard going through it. Finally he threw himself under a train.

Until recently, the Gagarin and Titov Nelyubov together preparing for the flight. At the start they were going three. Gagarin that he will fly first, and said a few hours before the start.

"East" two unlucky?

— Marina Lavrentyevna, but why, after passing the training, eventually you become an astronaut?

— In the space would not let me. I was a little girl. I said — "let fly your husband, then you go with. Space — a very dangerous thing, you can not go back there, and we will be on the conscience of your child. "

Besides Khrushchev ordered — "into space to send a girl from the bench."

Understudy in Tereshkova was Valentina Ponomareva, PhD Mathematics. Another contender was Irina Solovyova, she had seven hundred parachute jumps, the world champion was. Khrushchev, however, chose Tereshkova — she was only twenty-eight jumps, but it just was a weaver, "the bench." A weavers Khrushchev liked. Thank God that he had not sent back in the space known weaver Valentina Gaganova — and that was such an option!

Tereshkova flew in space. It's an amazing, courageous woman, but she has not implemented any job! She was sick in space, she lost consciousness — so Korolyov told me. Then he said to me with: "While I live, no woman in space no longer fly." And twenty years, our women have been in space.

Meeting with the unknown

— You are at today — the author of eighteen books, many of which are devoted to ufology, alien encounter. Why you were attracted by this trend, which many consider a rather frivolous? Once you have seen a UFO?

— I first saw the "plate" in the expedition in the mountains of Tajikistan. At times, I am told, there is a snow man appears. In the mountains, I then met with the people, the sheep growers. Asked: "Have you seen Bigfoot?" Answer: "He often comes to us, we will give him milk. Dogs, they can not stand him. One of our big dog ran to chase it, so he grabbed her and ripped in half. " Can you imagine what kind of power?

She asked: "What you do not shoot?" They say, "you try to shoot him! He has a terrible speed, and strength. It can fly above the earth, it can disappear, then appear in the air … "

Then, at night, I saw the first flying saucer, it's right over our camp appeared to hang. Then I saw two more similar objects.

"Russia was on the wing"

I visited the famous crop circles. My feet there was hot. Watch when in these circles are stopped and the compass on the contrary, is rotated. These circles have a lot of information about extraterrestrial civilizations. The woman, a relative of Vanga, read at my information from these circles. It was almost illiterate, said: "I see some bent wire. We have it double, and they have — a triple. "

We realized that it is a DNA helix, which is triple the aliens, as opposed to our own. There were a lot of other information — Genome aliens, their chromosomes …

And Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, a former head of Kalmykia, in person, in his stories, in contact with extraterrestrial beings, arrive to us from the constellation of the Pleiades. He asked them — why they are with us openly not communicate? They replied: "We are afraid of you, you eat meat." Having said this and disappeared …

It turned out — most of them resent the fact that some of the people who inhabit the earth eating our friends — dogs and cats. In Africa, there is also the tribes, eating people …

— Marina Lavrentyevna, you now eighty years old, you have long since retired. Bored, probably in the sky?

— I recently visited in Perm, and there are aircraft flying at a speed of nearly three and a half thousand miles an hour. Persuaded — "put me, please, I want to touch this speed." I was allowed to just sit down mate, the rear cabin.

I dream of the sky now. I came into it because I wanted to take revenge on the Nazis. But I sucked it so that I'm in it now remains for ever.

Now our country, Russia, again stood on the wing. And thank God! But we now need to keep all the forces on the height at which we stand together …

Alexander Litvinov

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