Testing a second armored car SPM-3 Bear reached the final stage of

State testing of the second prototype armored vehicle minnozaschischennoy SPM-3 "Bear", developed sweat order of Interior Ministry troops Russian engineers "Military-Industrial Company" together with specialists from NGOs PKU "Trucks and communication" Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (NGO "STiS" the Interior Ministry) reached the final stage. 

After a series of probegovyh and other special tests that took place in accordance with the schedule in the desert and the mountains, now car on his way to the Far North of Russia. There for more than a month "Bear" subjected to inspection to "survival" in conditions of low temperatures and difficult terrain.

Last year, the SPM-3 is fully confirmed all its claims related to the high altitude and high temperatures in the Caucasus and Astrakhan steppes, at the hottest time. At times, the temperature is over a +45 ° C in the shade. In total, the machine broke more than 25 thousand km.


The first cold test car had passed in a special freezer. According to chief designer Michael Kireyeva machine (LLC "Military Engineering Center"), at all stages of the state trials "Bear" has established itself as a reliable machine. Praised the car on the basis of past stages of the state tests were given by representatives of the customer — the main command of the Interior Ministry and explosives experts NGO "STiS" the Interior Ministry, who also take part in the testing machine.


SPM-3 "Bear" is the first model of the machine in our country, developed by the so-called West Technology MRAP. At the same time, the Russian car used by a number of "know-how", through which she has better than their foreign counterparts indicators of mobility and reliability, and high performance. Thanks to a number of innovations significantly reduced labor intensity during maintenance and, if necessary, repair the car. 


Its mine resistance "Bear" has yet to confirm after returning from the Far North. However, the experts' Military-Industrial Company "are confident that this machine will withstand the ordeal with dignity.

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