Testing of composite wings for the MC-21 will be implemented in six months

 Photo source:rian.ru

DUBAI (OAE), November 16 — RIA Novosti. Testing of composite "black wings" of carbon fiber to be created in the Russian family of passenger aircraft MS-21 will end after about six months in TsAGI, the vice-president of marketing and sales of civil aircraft Corporation "Irkut" Cyril Budaev Wednesday at Airshow Dubai Airshow — 2011 .

So-called "black wings" (the name given to the color used polymeric materials), the company will be releasing "AeroComposite" in Ulyanovsk, where it is planned to build a plant for the production of composite structures. Modern high-tech company will be located in the industrial area aircraft plant "Aviastar-SP". Commissioning is scheduled for 2013-2014, and in 2015-2016 is planned to organize production.

"To date, four prototypes made" black wings. " Two of them are tested in TsAGI, these tests are expected to be completed within six months. Another wing assembly done for testing procedures, "- noted in this regard Budaev.

The company "AeroComposite," whose headquarters is located in Moscow, previously prepared the terms of reference for the establishment of a plant for the production of wings and other structures made of polymeric and composite materials (PCM).

Power companies in Ulyanovsk designed to produce 30, 70 or 100 sets of "black" wings in the year depending on the production program.

In addition to the wings of the plant will be organized production of composite materials and assembly of the center section, the tail of the MS-21, as well as modifications of the aircraft Sukhoi Superjet-100.

MS-21 — the liner, which is created to replace the Tu-154 and Tu-134. Aircraft assembly will deal with the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, part of the "Irkut". It is assumed that the first airliner family of 21 will rise into the air in 2014. In MS-21 has three versions: MS-21-200 (150 seats), MS-21-300 (180 seats) and the MS-21-400 (212 seats).

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