Tests of Su-25UBM fully implemented

 Photo source:imageshack.us

Certificate of completion of state joint tests double modernized Su-25UBM to be signed in September 2011, a source in the military-industrial complex.

He noted that some failure in the timing of the completion of testing stormtrooper not relative to the plane, the tests carried out in full, including the combat use of the Su-25UBM.

The Su-25UBM can be used successfully both as a training aircraft for the flight personnel assault units Air Force and to conduct full-fledged war. Flight characteristics of the aircraft Su-25UBM practically coincide with the characteristics of the Su-25UB, but the combat capabilities are greatly increased combat capabilities and meet the Su-25SM, the specialist said.

In order to solve problems of attack aircraft in 1992 was established and approved by the Government of the Russian Federation interdisciplinary research and production Company (NPC) "Attack Aircraft Sukhoi". As an integrated part of society 47 companies that work directly on the previously signed protocol of understanding. The founders of the CPP are only legal entities, the Group has no stake.

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