Tests of the new rocket Soyuz began in Samara

Testing a new light rocket "Soyuz 2-1B" began in Samara, first start the machine and began flight tests are planned for 2012.

Establish a rocket engine, which developed the legendary designer Nikolai Kuznetsov to fly to the moon 40 years ago. The upgraded engine will launch the latest Russian missile easy class.

"Modern spacecraft are becoming smarter and smaller satellites and launch heavy missiles are unprofitable. Here in handy easy "Union". The first start and the start of flight testing — as early as next year.
"He has to withstand everything, all the load. The sensors must show that did not happen in some emergency situations, "- says Boris Baranov, Deputy Head of Research and Testing Complex TsSKB" Progress ", reports Vesti.Ru."

Rocket shake incessantly 100. The load level is growing. Such trials are creating what might happen on the road from Samara to space launch — launch site.

So from test to test the birth of a new missile. Two-stage light "Soyuz 2 1B" — at the finish line. It collected the first step, the one that is responsible for the separation of the rocket off the ground.

The engine with a legendary history. In 1968, in bundles of 34 pieces, he gave the incredible power of the lunar rocket H-1, "the king-rocket", which was supposed to fly to the moon. Even then, jet engine thrust was 154 tonnes.

"The rocket did not go, the engine remained, and now we use it for new development. It works perfectly on all tests, "- said the first deputy general director, chief designer TsSKB" Progress "Ravil Akhmetov.

The interest in this engine and those — the years has been enormous. Part of the NC-33 bought the Americans have experienced them, and even licensed. Have already been made several runs carriers with this engine for the U.S. space program. Decades later, in the walls of the Russian Central Design Bureau "Progress" birth of a new missile with a well-developed heart.

"Over time, the engine worked without any problems. We decided our backlog, our intellectual property to realize in "The Union 2-1B," — said General Director of the Central Design Bureau "Progress" Alexander Kirilin.

With such a familiar name "Union", with such a complex encryption of "2-1B." Designers say — "Union" should be in all versions, especially in the light. Modern spacecraft — all smarter and smaller satellites and launch heavy missiles are unprofitable.

"This is a project where virtually no side blocks, the rocket is the central block, but increased in size, all of this allows for the possibility of light class launch vehicles into orbit. The unique easy "Union" is that we successfully entered into its existing launch facilities, "- says the first deputy general director and chief engineer TsSKB" Progress "Sergei Tyulevin.

Easy "Union" will be delivered to the space satellites weighing up to three tons. The first start and the start of flight testing — at the beginning of next year.

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