Tests of the Tiger-M: an explosion, fire, roads

On avtopoligone near Nizhny Novgorod tested a new armored vehicle "Tiger-M", for the army special forces. Under the wheels and the bottom of the armored car undermine the eight charges a total capacity of more than nine kilograms of TNT. In their tactical and technical characteristics of the machine is protected against anti-personnel mines and firing from automatic weapons.


"There were times when and coming off the wheel and when the wheel does not come off with explosions, but the lives of people who were in the car, nothing would have threatened" — said the representative of the manufacturer of armored Sergei Suvorov.

At the landfill, confirmed the car according to the manufacturer specifications — and weighs about 8 tons of armored car a top speed of 125 km / h on normal roads, and 60 — on the road.

"He has an independent suspension, which allows to overcome the bumps: climb to the ledge up to 400 mm, a width of the trench cover up to half," — said a leading design engineer armored car "Tiger-M" Alexei Zaitsev.

Now, explain the designers, the car has passed all required state tests, and may soon be taken up by the Russian army. However, the first samples have already evaluated the troops in the Army Special Forces teams, where the machine has already been sent for testing.

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