The assassination of President Kennedy: UFO trail

There are many versions about the motives behind the murder of U.S. President John F. Kennedy in November 1963, but all of them are approximate: reliable information about the background of the plot no. However, in recent years, the light began to emerge documents by which a special meaning in the American tragedy began to take on a "factor of the UFO." It seems that Kennedy removed to prevent the recognition of the existence of other intelligent civilizations.

Secret files

A report on the plot against John F. Kennedy on the 15th Scientific UFO conference in Moscow was the main researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada, Doctor of Economic Sciences V. Vasiliev.

Vladimir reminded the audience that at one time a group of American ufologists appealed to Barack Obama to declassify all the information at the disposal of government information on the UFO problem. Direct response they received, but in February 2011 on the website of the Agency for National Security (NSA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) appeared declassified dossier containing material relating to the issue of UFOs.

"Outliers" UFO files through the two agencies was a complete surprise to U.S. researchers. The focus has traditionally been the U.S. Defense Department and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is directly engaged in UFOs, but not the NSA and the FBI. The very existence of the knowledge base related to UFOs, the two agencies indicates that the subject is always in sight of the top political leadership of the USA. Although there is little hope that published the most important documents.

An indirect confirmation of the relevance of the UFO problem in the political life of the United States was a statement by J. Assange, the founder of the website "WikiLeaks" as saying that the correspondence of the U.S. State Department with U.S. diplomatic missions are "important and interesting references" about UFOs. Assange has made it clear that the most sensational material "Wikileaks" still waiting "in the wings", acting as a guarantor of his personal safety in the event of possible prosecution or even physical elimination. And while the data are not made public.

Thus, both the Democratic and Republican Party of the USA still put "state secrets" above human interests, and there are a lot of evidence. In their series — death Democratic President John F. Kennedy, the tragedy Towers, "twins" September 11, 2001, and other secrets.

Next UFO

— Analysis of the number of documents that surfaced after almost half a century after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, pushing me to the conclusion that the events in Dallas are quite relevant to the UFO, — says Vladimir. — I was reminded of a forgotten episode of the autumn of 1963.

September 20, 1963 Kennedy speech at the UN General Assembly with a sensational proposal to the Soviet Union — a joint US-Soviet mission to the moon program. Sensational idea was that it was contrary to the American approach to US-Soviet relations, conducted over the past 20 years. Was in the midst of the "cold war" with the Soviet Union, only recently overcome Caribbean missile crisis, grew more and more, the Vietnam War, and suddenly — an ambitious program of joint missions to the Moon … The loss was not only experts and the U.S. public, who were not ready for this turn of events, but also the leadership of the Soviet Union. However General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev agreed in principle to participate in the USSR joint US-Soviet mission to the moon.

However, two months later, Kennedy died.

President's initiative soon forgotten, and only in 2009, in the press, there are two declassified document, dated November 12, 1963. That is exactly 10 days before the death of John F. Kennedy.

The first document — a directive to the President Director of NASA's James Webb to prepare by December 15 proposals for joint US-Soviet program of landing a man on the moon. Strangely: Initiative Kennedy already voiced at the UN General Assembly, and those from whom she had come to the idea, only just got the job on its design and implementation. It is as if to put the cart before the horse.

The second document is all the more surprising. It contained a directive to CIA Director John Makkonen held before February 1, 1964 review of all CIA secret files on UFOs and to distinguish the facts of reality phenomenon. That is, there is the ratio of top U.S. officials in UFOs as a real event, not a newspaper, "ducks", why in the world have tried and are trying to reduce the problem of flying saucers.

— What is the background of the two directives? — Says Vladimir. — The risk of accidental outbreak of nuclear war between the USSR and the U.S., triggered by a third party. In this case, the UFO. The fact that the U.S. Air Force have clearly established a pattern: UFO mostly come from areas of the Arctic and to the same leave. However, on the radar screen is difficult to distinguish from the UFO hostile missile launch party. They look similar, and sometimes even fly a compact bundle of goals, like running on the same team. Many times, the military raised the alarm about the nuclear attack, but decided to counter attack is only on the president. And it is — an incredible responsibility to its people and to the world.

During the 1950s, the U.S. launched a shock order three-tier system NORAD — early radar detection of air targets from a possible enemy. The system was deployed primarily in the circumpolar Arctic region, as well as through the Canadian-American border as the most probable direction of Soviet missile attack. And the first few notches powerful radar showed that UFOs are real and they are difficult to distinguish from the missiles. All this led to a tense situation in the White House. Around the left, that it is necessary to make contact with the Soviet side to solve the problem of randomness in a nuclear war. Too memorable Caribbean crisis was to re-admit the like.

Kennedy, apparently, wanted to negotiate with the Soviet Union to solve the problem. But everything comes down to a serious issue — the issue of the reality of UFOs. Politicians have become hostages of the same disregard for the UFO, and hence the existence of other civilizations, whose vehicles ply the calm air space of the Earth, regardless of any earthly power and military might.

Wonders of the wall

— However, negotiations with the Soviet Union meant one thing: the need to "shoot up", it is necessary to recognize the problem of UFO true, that in itself is not easy, — says Vasilyev. — It is clear that the radar does not "buggy" and the military is not drunk haunted by flying "saucers", so like it or not, but we need to start dialogue with the Soviet leadership. But how could enter into negotiations with the Soviets, the U.S. president, without the knowledge of the factor of UFO its own people? Imagination and the "bugs" Supreme Commander U.S.? — It could cause unpredictable reactions of the public.

And John Kennedy went on a trip around the country, bearing in mind not only the goal of re-election for a second term. Also been chosen by chance, Texas — This is where the development of space and missile and nuclear industry of the United States.

Soon after shots were fired in Dallas …

— I have read a lot of different documents on the assassination of President Kennedy, — says Vladimir. — The fact that the plot against Kennedy today officially installed. It is confirmed by a special commission of the U.S. Congress in 1976. Commission's analysis showed that the shots were fired from two guns, therefore, there were two shooters. It was simple. Directly on the area of Dallas attended at least four people. Analysis of the films clearly stated this. The woman raised her hand to the side of the alleged fix headscarf when a car drew level with her president. Then the man in the middle of the crowd opened a black umbrella. It was a signal, and the president was taken in the cross fire arrows. Sounded four shots. However, the motivation of the murder remained unclear. Externally, only one person won — Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. He became president of the United States. However, to organize the murder in his native Texas … This suspicion hung over Johnson until his death. It is unlikely that it was true.

Only the publication of certain documents in recent years has shown the reality of the other, unexpected versions of murder — due to the UFO.

Vladimir Vasiliev said: it was not a purely promotional tour of the president. Texas — above all, the leading U.S. space center. Kennedy's speech in all cities in the state Houston and San Antonio mention the U.S. space program. Better place for sensational message: "We are not alone" — than Texas, there is no. Apparently, the CIA in Washington knew or almost certainly believes that the president is preparing a dramatic statement, and that he went to Texas by chance.

— On the map near Dallas is a major industrial and military center of the city of Fort Worth — says Vasilyev. — This is a zone of increased UFO activity. It is here were taken from the wreckage of an unknown device Roswell, and there were first examined humanoids from a crashed UFO. If the president decided to make a statement about UFO danger, the location was chosen very carefully. It is clear that the people who knew about the initiative Kennedy wanted to stop his treatment at any cost. If he did that, if an appeal to the nation took place, and it was a question of extraterrestrial civilizations — the course of earth's history would have changed. Shots had one goal — to prevent the possible appearance Kennedy.

Before visiting the Kennedy spent the night in Dallas Fort Worth. Or in the Dallas or Fort Worth might sound scoop Kennedy. Did not happen. Some powerful forces — probably closely connected with the secret services and the aliens — prevented this. The secret was not revealed, and it was an object lesson to many other rulers of the United States and other countries. The truth about the true nature of the UFO was not to come to light.

— Is there a hint of the possibility to have sounded sensational speeches of John F. Kennedy? — I asked last Vladimir Vasiliev.

— Yes, there is. First, the text of the President contained, I would say, abnormal and abnormal insertion of ambiguity. They are usually related to problems of space research. Second, there is a strange reference to "miracles" in his speech at the Military Medical Space Center in San Antonio. I will read this quote. Concluding the speech, Kennedy said: "Frank O'Connor, the Irish writer, tells in one of his books how, as a boy, he and his friends made a trip around the countryside, and when they are on their way against a wall of an orchard, which seemed to be too high and did very questionable move them further, they took off their hats and throwing them over the wall. And then they had no choice but to follow them. Our country threw its hat into the wall space, and we have no choice but to follow her. Whatever the difficulties, they will be overcome. With the support … of all Americans, we safely and quickly go up to the wall and begin to explore the wonders on its other side. "

It was one of the last public speech of John F. Kennedy. That meant the U.S. president, speaking about the wonders of the wall, remained unknown. Portfolio with its documents and abstracts of speeches after the killing disappeared. About the power of forces, whose presence in the public life of the United States attempted to the President, said that soon after the Dallas tragedy killed about a hundred different kinds of witnesses and potential participants in the conspiracy. Soon followed the murder of Robert Kennedy, the brother of the president, who has promised to continue the investigation into the plot. Organizers and the motives of the murder of John F. Kennedy are not named and not disclosed to date.

So obvious coordination shows a strong network aliens in the U.S. uniformed services, which, it seems, is so deeply rooted in all the "pores" of our society, which is able to control its development and motivation. Humanity is not only "not alone in the universe," but we have long been "under the hood" of extraterrestrial forces. The recent decision (11/07/2011) Obama not to interrupt the "conspiracy of silence" about UFOs is quite understandable, because for the president, "transgressors face", there is always the risk of death — in this case, almost scripted Kennedy assassination, before the presidential election, when Obama is determined to be re-elected for a second term.

At last, said that the issue of recognition UFO on radar screens shortly successfully solved both Soviet and U.S. military engineers. False rocket attacks are gone.

Gennady Belimov
Abnormal News № 21

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