The authorities are showing their antypolskasts

March 31 Constitutional Court of Belarus began consideration of the law of Poland "The Pole's Card" for compliance with the generally recognized principles and norms of international law. Initiated this issue The House of Representatives on February 23.

Polish Parliament adopted a law on "Pole's Card" acts since 2008. Map confirms the identity of ethnic Poles living in the CIS and the Baltic States to the Polish nation and gives them benefits in visa when visiting Poland, and ensures support for the conduct of business, employment and admission to study in Poland. According to Chairman of the House of Representatives Vladimir Andreychenko, This law laid down provisions that are contrary to international standards and comply with the principles of good neighborliness. Therefore, the Belarusian side and sent it to the Constitutional Court, which first has to lay out the position in relation to a foreign state. Court spokesman Vasyl Seledevsky said the process started:

"No invitations to the press, that is an invitation to the press is not planned. And the rest — as will be determined by the court. This is our internal judicial procedure — the study of the case."

The Embassy of Poland in Belarus does not comment on the beginning of the process in the Constitutional Court. They say that "the Polish Charter," no one is going to be canceled. But will it make any difference Belarusian court decision for Poland? First Secretary of the Embassy of Poland Paul Marchuk:

for us the view of the Constitutional Court of Belarus has no power …

"Poland — a sovereign state, and for us the view of the Constitutional Court of Belarus has no power. So you can certainly note a certain view of the Belarusian side, but this is not necessarily the solution for us."

It can be assumed that such actions of the official Minsk associated with impairment of the Belarusian-Polish relations? To this, Mr. Marchuk said

"I do not know, that is a question that should be asked of the Belarusian side, why now engaged in conformity with international law, Polish law. I think there are a lot of laws, the sources of law in Belarus, which is very clearly not in line with international standards. Regret that the Belarusian Constitutional Court did not deal with these acts. "

Political analyst Ales Lahvinets calls the trial "Polish Card" indicative:

Ales Lahvinets

"The authorities have taken such a show trial to show your antypolskasts today and just parazdrazhnyats official Warsaw. Whenever domestic things go wrong, the undemocratic power of seeking an external enemy, and did not recognize that she is to blame for what is happening in the country. Against the backdrop of the economic crisis is better to find an external enemy and say that they are to blame. This is a continuation of anti-Western campaign, the Belarusian authorities. western enemy number one for the Belarusian authorities — this is Poland. "

Human rights activist Harry Pahanyaila described as "purely political act" direction to the law of another country to the Constitutional Court.

What legally valid document binding for Poland, he could not accept.

Harry Pahanyaila

"It will be interference in the internal affairs of Poland, encroachment on its sovereignty, and it is not no good end. At the current political situation, as we are seeing worsening between the ruling regime in Belarus and the Polish authorities, it is only a measure of how deeply the Belarusian authorities are trying to drive the conflict, including using and the Constitutional Court. "

According to information announced in the House of Representatives, Polish Charter today in Belarus are more than 14.5 thousand people, and just live in the country 400,000 ethnic Poles.

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