The best systems for the defense of KRET

The best systems for the defense of KRET
Concern «Radio-electronic technology» in 2013, one hundred percent of state contracts executed 86 41 billion rubles. Concern developed new items and electronic navigation equipment for the Russian defense industry. Including, the company has developed KRET «glass cockpit» for combat training aircraft Yak-130 and the brand new navigation system BINS-SP-2.
General Director Nikolai Kolesov KRET told in an interview with «Business Newspaper» that the major part of revenue holding KRET bring work on defense orders and contracts of military-technical cooperation. In 2013, the company has executed 86 government contracts. Holding supplies avionics and electronic warfare systems for the United Aircraft Company (UAC), the United Shipbuilding Company and a number of other plants MIC. Thanks to this work total defense procurement KRET in 2013 exceeded 41 billion rubles.
Group revenue in 2013 exceeded 86 billion rubles. If you associate with the year 2012, it is almost 20 per cent more. In brand new, the management of the holding company is planning a significant increase in the volume of defense procurement.

We have the exact holding plans and technical re-equipment companies in 2015, 2016 and 2020.
«I wish to highlight: KRET» locked » only to perform defense orders! For this, we are passionate about the technical re companies. Almost all this was perhaps due to the fact that the adopted acts and municipal programm weapons. But the main thing is, as we know when and what to release » — Said Nikolai Kolesov.
Enterprise KRET often demonstrate they have developed new items. So, in Petersburg OKB «Electroavtomatika», part of the holding company, was designed «glass cockpit» for combat training aircraft Yak-130. The machine is a versatile aircraft for pilot training, starting from the initial flight training and finishing features combat deployment.
In this cabin there are two places: for trainee and instructor. Before each of them placed functional LCD screens, which displays all information about the state of the aircraft. The uniqueness of design that you can specify different educational puzzles and mimic features piloting different types and models of combat vehicles, as Russian, for example, the Su-27 or MiG-29, and foreign. You can also simulate the behavior of the aircraft in the air.

In 2013, concern began to create a number of new complexes. One of them — inertial navigation system BINS-SP-2. It attaches to the multi-role fighters 4 + + generation Su-35 fighter and promising fifth-generation PAK FA (T-50).

Complex BINS-SP-2 is capable of offline, even in the absence of external signals, to determine the coordinates and characteristics of the aircraft. This complex can function at — 60 and + 60 degrees centigrade. With that in their tactical and technical characteristics of the system ahead of analogues of foreign production, its price is more than 40% below zabugornyh analogues.
Not counting the new developments, the companies KRET there are a number of products which have proved to be excellent in oboronkomplekse. For example, KRET is a favorite for the production of airborne radar systems.
At Municipal Ryazan Instrument-Making Plant now run modern radar type «Beetle», which are installed on the MiGs. They were developed in «Fazotron-NIIP.» Modification «Zhuk-AE» referred to as AFAR (active phased array) may accompany up to 30 air and ground targets and storm 8 of them. Sees the enemy for more than 200 km.

According to general director Nikolai Kolesov KRET have huge plans for the coming future — «At the moment we are already looking at two steps forward. Our experts at those major technologies identified the coming future, which will provide us with competitive advantages in 5 — 10 years. This development of microwave electronics, inertial, and mikroelektromehanika mikroelektrooptika, laser and fiber-optic gyroscopes, display on the LCD and Led-technology, high-performance software for various electronic systems. «
Over the past couple of years have already passed the holding KRET army in 7 types of advanced electronic warfare systems.

Concern «Radio-electronic technology» (KRET) was created in 2009, bringing together more than fifty companies of electronic industry in the country. Comes into the State Corporation Rosteh.

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