The CIS shall be removed from the Russian guns

The CIS countries refuse to Russian weaponsExperts say that most of the armies of the CIS and Russian ousted Russian weapons and contributes to this lack of real incentives to conduct a full-scale military-technical cooperation between countries, writes "-independent newspaper."

This dilemma will now open a discussion in Yalta, the Council of Ministers of Defense (CMD) of the States — participants of the CIS — the only one in the Commonwealth of defense advisory body, which should lead and coordinate the work of the military departments.

As they say experts, the lack of a coherent system of military-technical cooperation in the post-inspired management of the CIS, including Russia and allies of the Treaty on Collective Security, organize, repair and upgrade equipment at the expense of other partners, although more than 90% of their army weapons produced in Russia . With all this military technical cooperation with other countries in the coming develop allies of Moscow.

For example, not so long ago, Kazakhstan signed contract with South Korea to build for the Kazakh army self-propelled howitzers. Seoul will also help in Astana modernization of tanks, to improve the electrical systems of command and control, surveillance and reconnaissance. Moscow and Astana have been negotiating the construction of the Caspian plant warships for the needs of the Naval Forces of Kazakhstan. Now these companies will be built in the country by the South Koreans.

The CIS countries refuse to Russian weaponsRecall our homeland and she buys overseas military equipment, which is a direct rival of Russian developments. For example, a week back the Israeli defense concern "Aviation Industry" (TAA) said it has signed a large contract with the Russian state company "Oboronprom" on the delivery of a unmanned aircraft for 400 million dollars.

Experts believe that the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation in the coming 5-6 years will buy weapons from European countries and Israel to 10 billion euros. According to the Moscow Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, in the coming two years, representatives of the Russian army may enter into contracts for the 4 billion euros.

In the Russian Federation has also appeared stern rival in the arms market — China. After the collision with China in the Egyptian market experts at arms began to predict that Beijing will soon begin to seriously complicate the Moscow trade instrument rely on cheap products of their own military-industrial complex. China has already mastered many Russian military technology and is willing to sell them without the help of others as their own.

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