The Council of Ministers banned the export of goods from Belarus

Zero hours on June 12 in Belarus imposed a ban on export of some Belarusian goods outside the Customs Union, as well as norms of export.

As BelTA reported in the press service of the Belarusian government, removal of individuals from Belarus beyond Customs Union goods in excess of the standards shall be allowed subject to payment of a special fee in the amount of twice the average price of goods. Also, a restriction on the sale of motor fuel at petrol stations in the amount of not more than 200 liters per commercial vehicle. Decree prohibits the sale of goods to individuals with warehouses, depots, of outbuildings organizations.

The document approved by the list of goods and their export regulations, above which you must pay a special fee, as well as a list of goods to be exported temporarily banned individuals.

Special fee shall be payable on the export of beef and poultry meat, sugar, flour, cheeses (normal export — 2 kg), butter (1 kg) of tobacco products manufactured in Belarus (2 packs), canned meat and dairy (5 cans) .

In the list of goods to be exported temporarily banned individuals included household refrigerators and freezers manufactured by JSC "Atlas", gas stoves (Belarusian-Russian joint venture "Brestgazoapparat"), cement (JSC "Krasnoselskstrojmaterialy" RUE "Belarusian Cement Plant", RUP "Krychavtsementnashyfer"), detergents (JSC "Barhim"), cereals (in range) and pasta regardless of the organization of the manufacturer.

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