The country needs a second industrialization, and not the second privatization

The country needs a second industrialization, and not the second privatization

People celebrate the New Year with a special emotion, because they believe: in conjunction with the new year comes a new world. An old leaves, new born. An old year could be good or not, successful or problematic, could bring victory or defeat, the forces of either disease. But he leaves. And there comes a new one. All hunting, that he has brought only success, but a good solution problems, only victory. How will it in fact — is unclear. Perhaps all is realized, maybe, there will be just the opposite. Here, as in the situation with the birth of a baby may be that was born new genius, but maybe — a new majestic villain. And maybe — the new genius of villainy. But, then meet with his ideas about the good things along with it can come into the world.

They say to us, that our homeland is now living better than 10 or fifteen years ago. In any situation — it is right, in others — clean water deception. But just one thing is clear: Our homeland now live worse than, say, 20 5 years ago. But when a quarter of a century back of the so-called peremptory elite and exaltation which followed its motto ordinary citizens began to smash a giant single country then explained this desire to live better. And eventually moved in order to worse.

In the New Year hunt to wish people happiness, kindness, of success and health. Also — the ability to distinguish who the enemy, and who — each. And the possibilities do not rush from side to side, mimicking the dialectical reflection: on the one hand, on the other hand …. Such throwing — the fate of not dialectics, and Buridan's ass.

But apart from some people still have a country, and hunt her wish for something more than friends or even yourself. All discussions about what is more important — the person or company, the person or the country, starting with a certain moment become empty. It happens that a person brings himself (or, worse, — brought) a sacrifice that, that was the Country. And always — a catastrophe. But can not country sacrificed to the fact, that was man. Since no man, if not his country. As there had Yevtushenko: "Being immortal is not in force, but my hope is: if our homeland, means I will be me."

Here is a country of our country that stretches from Vladivostok to Brest — in the post-Soviet space, and from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok — in the framework of today's Russia, hunting wish that she, at first, was. And there was a richer and stronger. That she came out of the darkness that came two decades back, and got into a new one. That could not resist, because on it again in danger. Dangers of sweet intoxication of false promises. Wish to hunt the country, that she succumbed to the situation, resisted sobriety evaluations and strength of will. As well as strength and hardness.

Wish to hunt, so over the state was peaceful sky and bright sun. That was the summer of drought, but the sun was. And so there was snow in the winter, but — less mud and slush on the streets and squares. That autumn blooming chrysanthemum, and in the spring — snowdrops, not "oranges", and lilac, not hemp.

So that people lived in Russia for a long time, and gallakticheskie ships that did not fall. That there were more plants, not classrooms. To get an engineer more than a broker. To both men and ladies went to retire earlier than have to die. To their pension allowed them to help their grandchildren, and the grandchildren do not expect any help though, and even — salvation. So that scientists could be proud of their discoveries, not the amounts of grants. So that people have more computers, but these computers to serve as a source of good and Prof. disk imaging, and not — misinformation, rumors, heresy and hysteria. And with all this, so that people do not forget that this book.

So that the students read the book, and not other people's cribs. That they received scholarships, not handouts. To teach, and not moonlighting while studying, trying to survive trivial. To mastered his profession (lawyers, technologists, doctors, engineers, teachers), and not a profession janitor.

In general, that the country has more engineers and less lawyers. More and more scientists and fewer prof deputies. Most computer scientists and economists less talkers. More teachers and fewer accountants. More fighter and less bailiffs. More designers gallakticheskih ships and fewer bankers. To have the gallakticheskie station and no casino. That aircraft were again the, Russian, and not imported. To power more thought about the rise of production and less — to support traders.

That people were healthy and did not die from the fact that they can not afford the medication.

So that people, if need be, could change the power in the country, but only when power would not serve the interests and demands of the people, and not his country's foreign competitors and domestic adventurers.

That power in the country served as a working majority, not getting rich at his expense majority.

That this power was strong and was able to protect the citizen, but was not a weak and lose before even how cheeky rascal. In the word "democracy" two components — "demos", in other words — people, more precisely — most of it, and "kratos", in other words the power. So the hunt to the country was a democracy — as the power of the majority, capable of forcing the minority to respect the interests and demands of the majority, not just the opposite, as we would like to liberal activists.

Wish to hunt, so country exported the technology, rather than oil and gas. And oil and gas to be used for the production of new materials, not only burned in furnaces and engines.

That there were more jobs and less "human rights." So that people have a job that is exciting and brings them satisfaction. To have them be able to do and see, and do not need to "plow" or the lot "work."

So that people are free, but again the same — and solutions for the building of their own destiny, not for cheating and killing other people.

That authority was responsible, but — to the people, and not — before zabugornoy press, foreign embassies and their "human rights branches." That power is acutely motivate how it evaluates its people, not the leaders of other countries.

That wage was bolshennymi and worthy. That price did not rise, and increased the average age of people.

To re-emerged in the queue theaters and libraries.

To be a doctor was more honorable and more profitable than the financier to be a teacher — more profitable than the banker, to be the designer — more profitable than the merchant. That worked in factories and more people than in the offices, and at the Research Institute — more people than at banks and shopping centers.

So that the country began the second industrialization, and not the second privatization. And for all this, it is necessary that the country was not "tuned" and not "modernized" (the definition of which, in practice, there is often no real field). Just so that was up and running. Hunt to the country and those of its citizens who are men, not bandarlogami, at least started on this path, and not stepped back to where chosen in recent years and decades. Just need to resist. And to make the first right steps.

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