The fate of Russian electronics

The fate of the domestic electronicsThe modern world can not be imagined without electronics. This is the most branch industry at the present time is a fast-growing and soon this almost the main engine of progress. Over the past couple of decades, the global electrical industry has reached the point that it can provide not only the creation of products for military or industrial purposes, and for applications, a civilian nature. Of course, that verbovanie "general civil" money has a beneficial effect on the prospects and pace of development. But it is in most cases refers to zabugornoy electronics. Russia is at the present time has not the best of times.

Start dawn Russian electronics is often associated with the formation in 1965 of the Ministry of the electrical industry. One of the creators of the idea of the transformation of the State Committee on Electrical Technology Department was Shokin A., who became the first head of the new department. In the process of converting Russian electricity industry has first 60s was founded a few companies a special significance. As a result of all these actions by the mid 70's for a number of product categories Russian Alliance caught up with the U.S.. Until the end of the next decade, Russian electronics was measured on the first places in the world. It should be emphasized by the fact that the Russian electric industry provide not only the defense sector, and civilian.

By the end of the USSR, Russia electronics slowly, but it went right down. For a number of principal areas there has been a lag of several years. As it turns out, that was not the worst of times. The abolition of the Ministry of the electrical industry, conducted in 1991, a sharp reduction in industry funding ultimately led to the fact that for some 10 years behind a couple of generations grown by 8-10 times. Until that time, the economic capacity of the country is not allowed to pay tribute to the development of electronics attention. Federal motivated example program "Development of an electrical component base and radio electronics" for 2008-2015 was adopted only in 2007. You can not say that it was a timely decision — the need for a similar than either was, at least for 10 years before the federal program. All on the rise of Russian electronics will izderzhat more than 100 billion rubles, about a third of which have already been allocated.

Only the development of the industry like the sport: the form is dialed long and hard, and for much of its loss to the least time. In addition, the collapse of the Union of Russian is not the best way affected the relations between enterprises. For example, the Minsk "Integral" — the leading Russian chip plant — remained in independent Belarus. Similar things have happened with Riga "Alpha", Kharkov radio manufacturing plant and the Tashkent "Photon". The loss of some of the 1st Company for himself alone could significantly worsen the lives of the entire industry, but several osuverenivshihsya plants and institutions, together with the lack of money for the restoration of lost the ability to do their shady business. As for the war effort, in the end, all this has led to the current situation, where de jure illegal introduction of imported components is observed all the time. With all of this the majority of imports come specifically from the former Soviet republics. But this is not the case and the need to develop our own creation.

Since 2009, this has been the holding company "Russian electronics"Belonging" Russian Technologies ". By analogy with the KLA and USC, "Roselektronika" connects voedinyzhdy 73 research organizations and industrial enterprises. The gathering of all the companies under a single start was not easy. We can recall scandal NPP "Pulsar". About year back control of the company stated that "Roselektronika" requests from "Pulsar" unworkable things bordering the destruction of the entire production. The case went to appeal to the president D. Medvedev, but eventually the parties reached a compromise and more than a controversial topic was not shown. Another noticeable history associated with the ex-Soviet "silicon valley". The two leading electrical companies — Zelenograd "Micron" and "Angstrom" — to this day alive, though, and were in private facilities. Should pay tribute to the recipients of companies: not yielding to the "fashion" of recent years, they did not take industrial premises to rent for trade, etc., and began to manufacture electronics. We do not know the prerequisites of these initiatives, but they are, of course, laudatory. Thanks to them, leading enterprises in the industry not only remained alive, and were able to develop a hard time at the very least. Of course, a substantial backlog of zabugornyh opponents left, but it could be much more.

100 billion promised by the government on the development of the industry are a very reliable means of Merit purpose. Restoring creation, we can actually translate it to full self-sufficiency. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in 2011 Russian market electrical components headed for a record in recent years target of 55 billion rubles. It is necessary to make a major slip of the tongue: this figure refers specifically to the procurement of hardware components and does not include the delivery of the finished equipment. There is a huge amount of electrical devices and rassredotachivanie market looks like this:
— 13 billion of the aforementioned 55-wasting for the purchase of undertakings engaged in the communications industry;
— 10.4 billion for electronics puts another plainclothes industry;
— 10 billion rubles last year izderzhali defense companies;
— about 3 billion was spent on electrical components from automotive industry and medical equipment manufacturers.

Needless to say, two and a half thousand Russian companies engaged in the production of electronics, while even together can not compete with the favorites of the world market. For example, in 2011 year Intel notorious company gain by selling its electric components by 54 billion dollars. The difference in the volume of sales is huge. Still, it appears that the development of the Russian element base entail large by today's standards profit. To do this, you first have to update production equipment and to develop new manufacturing processes of our country. Then to the designated Federal program there in 2015 is available on the gap of 12-15 years will be reduced to a couple of times and follow a similar federal program will be able to once again lead our country to favorites industry. Solely in the best case it will be in eight years, or 10, as rivals, too, is not standing still and is constantly making new technologies and components.

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