The fate of the BMD-4M is practically solved

Not so long ago, it became clear that a certain number of obsolete models of airborne combat vehicles BMD-1 will be converted to the state of the BMD-2. In the process of repair and alterations to establish their new weapons, the latest electronics and prolong life. But the news immediately caused a few issues. The main and most highly popular of them concerned the future development direction of airborne combat vehicles. BMD-2, of course, was amazing for its time machine. Well, to build such "beemdeshek" had a lot. In principle, these definitions also apply to BMD-1. But the BMD-1 was put into service as early as 1969, and BMD-2 — in 1985. Since then, not only a lot of water under the bridge, and changed a lot of views on this kind of class technology and its role in the military. In turn, a more recent age, BMD-3 also has already passed through the second decade. In other words, the Airborne troops need the latest battle car made to date and in accordance with modern requirements for such equipment.

The fate of the BMD-4M is almost solved

Just a couple of years back the solution of such prepyadstviya was listed as brand new BMD-4. But with all the advantages of their own, this armored car and had flaws. At first it was built only a couple of 10-s BMD-4, and later Chief of General Staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov said in plain text, it is machine the military is not satisfied. According to him, it is not cheap, almost like a tank, and the martial qualities are not really better than the previous versions. In addition, a number of sources that the military was not far away in the ecstasy of electronics BMD-4, which is in its own base defected to the "quartet" of the BMD-3. The opposite situation with the BMD-4 forced the management of "Kurgan" initiate the upgrade. The first prototype of a refreshed battle machine title BMD-4M was presented to the military in March 2008.

May 10 this year, Airborne Troops Commander Lt. Gen. Vladimir Shamanov shared with reporters the details of today's latest plans for the car. According to him, the BMD-4M really will advise for mass production and procurement. At the same time, the BMD-4M has to go to the troops in the existing form. Marines at the present time are not satisfied with the latest avionics architecture armored vehicles. The fact that the work coil and the crew compartment provide two system are independent. It does not have any fatal consequences for the project, but to increase the combat capabilities latest BMD, and for the creation of the reserve for future upgrades both systems should be combined in a single ACS (Automatic system control). To do this, apart from the rest, you need to change the number of components of control systems to their digital counterparts. As a result, the next upgrade BMD-4 airborne troops put their trust to get quite a modern and promising machine with digital electronics on board.

To carry out all the necessary work for the modernization and training of series production at the current time is given four years — the first fully digital BMD-4M (possibly modifying the designation will change) will go to the troops in 2016. With all this Shamans said that existing in the Army airborne combat vehicles of the first 2-modifications are not only outdated, and almost completely run out of their own resources. Vpribavok to the modernization and repair of an old car Commander Navy proposes to begin the purchase of BMD-4M in its current form, right at the moment. Shamans explained to his proposal is simple and clear: to modernize the BMD-4M takes time, and in his current criteria are not so many. Because you can start to buy an existing modification, even more so, and so it is generally satisfied with the military. And as a single information system and increase protection, upgrading of machines can be made after delivery.

The fate of the BMD-4M is almost solved

In the future, apart from a single information system, BMD-4M, in the views of the military, is to get the next system. System for tracking the movement parameters, refreshed the crew compartment electronics, navigation system (GLONASS / GPS) with the ability to route planning, equipment interaction with the system of command and control "Flight-K", etc. Regarding weapons and chassis Marines have no complaints.

Apparently, the management of airborne while only forms the documentation requirements of modernization. This version they say statements by the Deputy Director General of Concern "Tractor plants" (the concern comes "Kurgan" and several similar companies) Losev, cited by the newspaper "Izvestia". He argues that the terms of reference of the Ministry of Defence his concern has not yet received and, as a consequence, can not yet be confidently talk about the upcoming development of the project BMD-4M. At the same time, Losev believes that required modernization not entail severe structural configurations. All the latest equipment, most likely, it will be possible to install without any problems on the old seats. As regards the production of BMD-4M in its current form, the "Kurgan" has all the necessary capabilities for the production of several 10-s cars a year. According to Losev, the only limit to the number associated with the Tula Instrument Design Bureau, which provides combat units "Bakhcha-U." For a variety of circumstances, "Kurgan" is now able to create more running parts than KBP combat units. With regards to the prospects of a single ACS deputy director of "Tractor Plants" said that the "Kurgan" there are certain production in this area. However, on their finishing and integration into existing hardware environment BMD-4M will take time, about 2-3 years.

In the end, the question remains open rates modernized BMD-4M. Because of the lack of specification about it yet read early. Still, some experts and the highest industry executives are already making their guesses. According to them, a refreshed BMD-4M will have about the same price as the initial. At the same time, we should not forget the fact that the size of the order directly affects the price of a machine. Because the more new BMD is ordered, the cheaper the cost, any of them. As for the modernization of already made BMD-4M in the repair process, the price of these works is estimated at 5-7% of the price of the machine itself. Of course, this is all just a rough estimate only and reality in 2016 may be very different from them in any way. Of course, we would like to, so the final cost of construction and modernization was less than expected.

The fate of the BMD-4M is almost solved

From time to time we hear about the world that the armored vehicles for VDV should be on the basis of a single armored bay "Kurganets-25." According to General Shamanov, the proposal is futile, at first, by weight reasons. At the theoretical level, on the b
asis of "Kurgan-25" can be done with armored personnel necessary for the composition of airborne equipment and weapons. But this platform has the weight and size at which the BMD based on it can not be parachuted far from all military transport aircraft. The difference in weight of a hypothetical machine landing on the basis of "Kurgan-25" and the BMD-4M achieves 10 tons, which in any case can not be considered suitable for the Navy.

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