The first night in the office of Defense BPF party leaders will hold

On the face of society, in the office of the BPF, nothing has changed: the same auditorium with a white-red-white flags, the same exhibition of books, but disappeared exhibition of works by Alexei Marochkina prohibited. And this show, and many things were taken yesterday in the event of forced expulsion of the estate.

The first night here, party leaders will hold Yanukevich yes Igor Lyalkov, tomorrow they will be replaced by other activists.

"The purpose of this action is the duty not to allow the situation to the authorities could without the presence of any of the BPF and come illegally, we believe, to seal the premises or simply change the locks, and thereby block the access to the premises, — says the chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Party Alex Yanukevich. — So we will be here permanently — with tonight. Now we are certain organizational issues: how to put the mattresses, blankets at night, as this is only a beginning, These questions gradually resolve. I think that things will get better later this, we already have people who have signed up for subsequent nights — as activists of the Belarusian Popular Front party, or just people who care. "

More on today's daily press conference BPF leaders said that tomorrow they will begin to cultural action: every night here on the farm will be a variety of creative events, exhibitions, movies, and tomorrow will be watching a movie with Charlie Chaplin, where titles will be transferred to whiteRussian language. April 2 will perform here the poet Slawomir Adamowicz, also plans to attend the artist Ales Pushkin and others.

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