The fish on the reservoir Varvarovskom killed by Volgograd

Cause of death of carp in reservoirs of the Volga-Don Canal would be chemical treatment of the water body from mosquitoes

This was the "AIF-Volgograd" reported in Volgograd fisheries FSI "Nizhnevolzhrybvod."

Recall that in early June in the coastal strip and Varvarovskogo Bereslavskaya reservoirs of the Volga-Don Canal Volgograd ichthyologists found more than five hundred copies dead carp, with the weight of individual items from 3 to 35 kg. All the fish, according to local residents and summer visitors, began to die at the end of May.

"Since not all of the fish died, but solely carp floating in the water column, and active filters all water mist in the diet, it is likely that the pond was treated with some strong performances poisons, say, blood-sucking insects. And this was done without the consent of fisheries bodies. What exactly was the cause, identify the hydrochemical analysis of water and tissues of dead fish, "- said the chief ichthyologist FSI Sergey Yakovlev.


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