The Fukushima-1 was warned about clearing 1,500 tons of radioactive water

Japanese company Thurso, the operator of nuclear power plants "Fukushima-1", stated that the forced reset temporary storage for 1.5 tons of radioactive water.

The company noted that it is necessary to do in order to contaminated water from getting into the sea and land, says RBC. At the same time, the operator's manual notes that the store, which now has more than 100,000 tons of hazardous water can be crowded by the 20th of June, if not sooner. The reason for this may serve as a simple rainfall. Of this risk, some experts warned at the end of March.

The water from the cooling system must be pumped out by Japanese experts to continue the repair work. In addition, without this measure can not be implemented so-called operation "water sarcophagus" — Petersen wants to pour water inside the pressure chamber of the first three units to prevent their overheating and possible explosion of the new radiation leakage.

The accident occurred at the Japanese nuclear power plant after a powerful tsunami, caused by an unprecedented before the March 11 earthquake off the coast of Japan. Wave height of 10 meters struck the east coast of the country, including the "Fukushima-1", after which the plant is down the cooling system and at several reactors explosions. Because of the subsequent radiation leak forced the evacuation of the inhabitants of the surrounding communities within a radius of 30 kilometers.

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