The Gulf Stream has changed the trajectory of his own course

The Gulf Stream has changed the trajectory of his own course

Gulf Stream stopped. Specialists make startling predictions!

News Canada. Gianluigi Zangar was right. Further research stunned — Gulfstream changed the trajectory of its own course! Power and speed — increased. It is winter in Canada in mid-February, has turned into spring, with a temperature of 10, but still tepid rain!

Recently, a theoretical physicist Gianluigi Zangar, who works at the Italian Institute, reported that the Gulf Stream will stop its flow. Parliament of Canada in earnest afraid this forecast, and created a special commission to ascertain what is really going with the flow.

To do this, put together professionals from leading Canadian universities, led by scientist and oceanographer put North American Ronald Rabbita. He is the author of a large variety of patent technology relating to biomass of the oceans, and the general improvement of the environment.

On the technical side of the issue, the Canadian Chemical Corporation under the name Protonics Chemical Corporation has been developed in a very short time a special dye which, when used, has no effect on the flora and fauna of the ocean. At a certain depth, special containers, which was poured dye exploded. Sprayed the contents of several hundred meters. The movement of the following special equipment and satellites.

Now, regarding the path of the Gulf Stream near the Canada — made to the map amendment. As for other countries, they are also likely to make studies.

Text:Tamara Vlasov

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