The importance of air and missile defense

The importance of air and missile defense
Municipal programm lasts rearmament and constantly reports of delivery of those or other types of tools or equipment. In February this year it was reported that in recent years new weapons fraction increased by 10%. Thus, in 2008 this figure was equal 6 percent, and at the end of 2012 increased to 16%. In the coming growth shred new tools and techniques to continue. According to current plans, in 2020, the troops will be more than 70% of new weapons and equipment. The first milestone in the current harsh rearmament would be 2015. Specifically at this time plan to achieve a 30% strip.
In procurement planning one way or other military equipment necessary to consider the prospects for its implementation and the very necessity of a certain type of weapon. In the current situation, the value of such analysis is particularly topical, as the vast majority of currently procured weapons will be used after 2020. The significance of this period in his own speech, February allocated Chief of General Staff Colonel-General Vladimir Gerasimov. According to him, in 2030 perhaps a significant increase in existing threats. In addition, by this time may seem new dangers, which also need to be taken into account when making plans.
According to the Chief of Staff in the future war and appropriate hazard will address 3 things: fuel and energy resources, product markets, and the current location. In the struggle for access to these resources and markets leading countries of the world by the end of the 20s or even earlier start to intensively use its own military capabilities. Already at this time observed the first armed conflict with similar backgrounds. In connection with similar new dangers should develop its armed forces, as Our homeland is naikrupneyshim state on the planet, also has a huge number of different fields of natural resources.

Taking into account the experience of conflict shortly, one can imagine that a special value in the wars of the future will have systems and missile defense. Currently, the «Almaz-Antey» continues to build anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 «Triumph», which later become the basis for the country’s defense. These complexes are capable of beating aerodynamic and ballistic targets at ranges up to 400 km. According to various estimates, the ability of the S-400 will allow excellent air to defend the country’s borders to the late 20-ies. By the end of the current re-state program — 2020 — planned to buy a few 10’s of batteries such air defense systems.

During the second half of this decade to the existing family of SAM S-300P and S-400 will join another system similar purpose. The S-500 «Prometheus» («Triumphant-M») is currently under development, but its creation may already approaches the tests. Few years ago stated that the first C-500 can be on duty at the end of 2013, but little follow-adjusted these plans. According to the most recent data, «Prometheus» perceive adopted no earlier than the 2015-16 period. According to reports, the properties of this complex will allow beat hypersonic aerodynamic and ballistic targets. In some sources claim that the C-500 will be able to destroy ballistic targets, hovering at a speed of 6-7 km per second.

The importance of air and missile defense
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So Makarov, with the arrival into service of C-500 military aerospace defense significantly increment their combat abilities. They will be able to intercept the planes and cruise missiles of the enemy, and ballistic ammunition several classes. But missile defense using only the 1st of C-500 may be insufficient. For effective protection against existing and promising threats also requires special missile defense system, which by its characteristics will match complexes PRO A-135 and A-235 or even exceed them.

May 14 President’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the current time control and command of the country’s armed forces is discussed the issue of creation of new missile defense systems, as prospects of a breakthrough means the enemy missile. Naturally, the details of these discussions at the highest level has not yet been made public, but the fact of holding such a meeting says a lot. May already be at the moment, you can read that in recent discussions poured out to start a new project.

State of available anti-missile systems in the current time leaves much to be desired, and in the coming it will only get worse. Because most recently required to make the new complex, which will be put on duty before the completed warranty periods available missiles. Of course, it is too early talk about the properties and the timing of the creation of the new complex, but meeting in the upper echelons of power already allows you to do some guesswork.

Recent statements by management of the country and the Ministry of Defence are pretty clear hint that the upcoming Russian arms manufacturers and military equipment will continue to create new systems, including anti-aircraft and missile defense. In light of the threats of the future decades and given the kind of wars shortly specifically this line defense industry can dramatically affect the course of an armed conflict or even prevent it.

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