The increase in debt load of Russians

The increase in debt load of RussiansThe rapid economic growth that has taken beginning in 2007 introduced the citizens of the former CIS with a term such as "credit." Now every respectable citizen of the Russian Federation can get a certain amount of funds for various needs. The number of banks is growing every month, along with the growing number of borrowers who want to get a loan. However, if the pre-crisis period, people did not think about anything, due to the presence of stable income areas, the situation has changed. The number of jobs is increasing to the reduction of debt and the credit of this does not diminish. As a result, a growing number of Russians, reveling in a "credit swamp."

By 2012, the average credit load per person increased to seventy thousand. In 2007, it was twenty thousand, an increase of 350%. For comparison, the average income increased by fifteen thousand (225% increase) compared to the same period. Such studies conducted bureau Equifax, which is in charge of monitoring and studying the credit population.

Based on these data it was concluded that the increase in debt of citizens and a half times increase in salaries. However, compared to Western European borrowers, the Russian people have less debt. In Europe, the average debt is close to the annual salary.

Also, studies have shown that in Russia has increased the number of debtors, to which you have more than one credit. On average, a borrower's "hanging" 1.38 credit. For example, in 2008 the figure was 1.23 credit.

At the same time reduced the number of people with no credit history.

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