The information war against Russia

The phenomenon of information warfare is not new to mankind: If guns do sometimes die down, the verbal battles between the two countries never stopped. The ancient writers tell us in detail about the subtle propaganda companies with which policy antiquity tried to weaken their enemies and demoralize them.

Modern Russia — which occupies one-eighth of the earth's land and having the second strongest army in the world — embroiled in a number of information conflicts with different countries. Our main opponents in this case are so-called "Western countries" of which should highlight the U.S. and the UK.

Tasks of information warfare

Benefit from the introduction of a pro-Western Russian consciousness Russophobian ideas are quite tangible and visible. As we saw in the nineties, the West was able to draw from the information war against Russia following profiles:

* Free delivery resources;
* Huge, unprotected Russian market;
* The agreement on all foreign policy issues;
* Elimination of the competitor in many markets;
* The flow of intelligent and educated workers;
* Unilateral disarmament of Russia;
* Payment of the financial tribute.

Most importantly, all of these important political and economic goals are achieved by injecting a relatively small campaign money and effort. While in the information war against Russia spent annually just hundreds of millions of dollars in profits from the nineties robbery lying down once Russia was measured by hundreds of billions.

The main anti-Russian memes

The anti-Russian propaganda is trying to persuade the Russians to the truth of a number of advantageous West ideas. Some of these ideas are false and frankly ridiculous, others are qualitative distortion of the real facts. The introduction of enemy memes produced by their frequent repetition through different channels for information. Here are the main points of propaganda.

Russia is wretched and shameful

The idea is simple and intuitive: Russia is hopelessly miserable in all aspects of their being. Russian products are bad and not competitive. Russian officials are lazy and furtively. Russian children — morons, Russian adults — alcoholics, Russian old people — the poor zombies. The Russian roads and the cars … ah, what there talking. In Russia, everything is bad, shameful Russia can cause a normal person except that bitter laughter or disgust sympathy.

This idea is one of the base: its carriers are much more sensitive to all other Russophobic ideas.

West incomparably better than Russia

The idea that the West is infinitely more developed and civilized country than Russia. There's more freedom, more order, more money and even more kindness. Western goods by default better domestic and Western politicians — honest and intelligent Russian.

The benefit of this meme is extracted in several ways: it is the support of others coming from Western ideas of the wise, and this desire to "vote with their feet", emigrating to any Western country.

Patriotism — for fools and scoundrels

The essence of patriotism is out of date, a normal person to be a cosmopolitan citizen of the world. Say, do not confuse the state with the country: abstract Russia can love, but her representatives have specific curse and hate. In any case, the most important human values.

The task of the meme is clear: to convince the dissidents that they are not traitors, and the noble revolutionaries. The real traitors are just the Russian patriots who betray human values for the sake of their selfish interests.

Russia is sliding into the abyss

Now living in Russia is bad, but it's flowers: it will be even worse. Russia is dying, it is impoverished, dying and depletes its natural resources. There is no escape. Yet a little while, and the most unmitigated disaster.

The conclusion? It is necessary, or to get out of this doomed place in the West, or, to fight against the leading Russia into the abyss of the Kremlin.

Russia has no enemies

Very important technical meme, which is necessary for the advancement of other Russophobian ideas. His point is that Western countries want Russia nothing but good, and that the only enemy of Russia — it herself.

According to this meme when someone claims that Russia — nedostrana worthy of destruction, he just tells us honestly just things about our shortcomings — for our own good. In this case, any of its self-interest is not intended.

And, conversely, to talk seriously about the enemies Russia can only paranoid or full-time Kremlin propagandists.

The task of the meme is transparent — to increase the credibility of the information coming from the West and attempts to discredit the pre-exposure Russophobian lies.

Kremlin zombiruet cattle

The essence of a meme — the majority of Russians is a narrow-minded cattle, whose opinion should not be taken into account, since it is formed of total censorship of the media and the blatant lies of the First Channel.

Tasks — to distract attention from the media the idea of the fact that they are Western zombies, create an image of an evil and powerful totalitarian Kremlin, give a reason to ignore the will of the people.

Russia needs a revolution

This meme pedaliruetsya or attenuated depending on comfort for the west of the current Russian policy. In the years when Russia gives West meekly whatever he asks of it — from oil and ending political concessions — a revolution is needed. When Russia began to think about their own interests, the West immediately starts talking about the need to overthrow undemocratic "tyrant."

State your enemy

According to this meme, bureaucrats, politicians and civil servants are the enemies of the people. Thus, the media meme believe is right to support any action against the state, even to the terrorist attacks.

Another consequence of this meme is an idea of a strong civil servant as a poor civil servant. Ideally, the official should be a lackey of the liberal media and retire on the first of their request.

The task of the meme is transparent: the weaker power, the smaller the public support it enjoys, the easier West punching their goals in Russia.

Orthodoxy — the evil

The idea is that the church is corrupt and obsolete education, which "zombiruet" population and inhibits the development of science. As an alternative to the ROC propose progressive tolerance and political correctness.

The purpose of the implementation of this idea is clear: reduce the influence of the pro-Russian Orthodox Church and increase the influence of the pro-Western human rights organizations.

Russia to Russian

At first glance, it's even pro thesis. However, it is elementary spins up "Russian people hurt in the Caucasus", "Stop feeding the Caucasus" and finally to the law-"Kavkaz we do not need."

The idea is to fan separatist sentiment and weaken Russia of ethnic hatred. Ideally — to divide Russia into several smaller states, as it was done in 1991 with the Soviet Union.

History of the conflict

Snowy Russia has never been a full member of the European family of nations. Europeans could be friends with the Russian, to cooperate with them, even to fight the Russian side by side against a common enemy. However, Russia has always been perceived "foreign" — a kind of rough-hewn large bear that has no place in a bright, clean European home.

On roots in the minds of this belief and was sent a large proportion of the last centuries of
Western propaganda. Beginning of the current round of information can be considered war in 1953, when the Americans launched the project "Radio Liberty", serving for ideological support of Soviet dissidents. Actually, it was the Americans and headed informational crusade against the Soviet Union.

In Khrushchev and Brezhnev era American propaganda successfully held back the Iron Curtain and censorship. Relatively small dissidents were quite harmless, much of it has worked for the KGB.

In the Gorbachev period, however, taken on "glasnost" and "perestroika" course has opened the way for the Americans vulnerable brains of Soviet people. It only took a few years to the Soviet Union began the real revolutionary ferment. Their result was the collapse of the Soviet Union and the actual submission of the authorities of the newly formed Russian kind of American advisers.

In the wild nineties western point of view on Russia has become an accepted and almost official. Federal TV channels almost straight text called Russia a country infamous accident nedolyudey that should be ashamed of the fact of its existence.

Turn for the better occurred in the year zero, when Vladimir Putin replaced Yeltsin "equidistant" the most notorious oligarchs, and they took part of the levers of power. Official channels reluctantly, but started to express at least formally, a pro-Russian views on current events. However, radio stations, newspapers and, of course, the Internet saved almost unconditional loyalty to the West.

In 2011, after Putin's decision to run for president in 2012, information pressure on Russia dramatically increased. It was created collaborationist movement of "The White Ribbon", organized hundreds of thousands pro-Western demonstrations in Moscow. The Internet was developed full-scale persecution of the Russian authorities, which even overshadowed the traditional baiting actually Russian and Russian.

At the same time began to gain momentum pro-Russian community and the media. Russia was even able to start quite a successful counter-offensive with strategic channel Russia Today.

The situation at the fronts

At present, power is still unequal: on almost every front is dominated by the pro-Western Russophobe ideas. However, the protest movement of 2012 podsdulos strongly and seriously discredited. Many ardent supporters of Western ideas lifted from the eyes of rose-colored glasses of revolutionary euphoria, and took a more moderate position "a plague on both your houses."


Despite the increased pedaling russophobes slogan "First Channel lies" and an active baiting main leading news — Ekaterina Andreeva — The first channel can be called an "information mouthpiece of the Kremlin," except in jest. This is the usual large entertainment channel that covers current events sluggish, without a spark and with a clear bias in the pro-Western point of view.

Another of our channel — selected at the time of the enemies NTV — recently began to veer quite cheerfully belolentochnuyu opposition: for example, in the episode "Anatomy of a Protest." However, its non-political data remains largely chernushny showing life in Russia with the most unsavory side.

Clearly pro-Russian is headed by Margarita Simonyan, Russia Today: it is rapidly expanding audience of western audiences and delivers a lot of headaches unaccustomed to serious rebuff to the enemy propagandists. Westerners value the RT as the only major channel that shows an alternative point of view on the humanitarian bombing by NATO oil to other countries and democratic achievements. Unfortunately, this channel is almost look inside Russia.

Another uniquely pro-Russian TV channel is relatively small

On the other side of the fence as openly Russophobic positions itself only official opposition TV channel "Rain." Most of the rest of the channels remains a formal neutrality, which, however, does not prevent them from passing throw out such prominences hatred of modern Russia, which did not fall to be even Valeria Novodvorskaya.

Needless to explain that the major Western TV channels — such as CNN, BBC and FoxNews — also carried out a massive artpodderzhku our fifth column. Fortunately for us, these channels are focused on the lowly Western audience. Therefore, they discredit themselves regularly frank lazhey, a famous example of which were non-existent palm trees on the streets of Moscow allegedly covered the unrest.

Thus, telefront can generally be described as moderately Russophobian.


The official state station — Radio "Mayak" — takes on the air of undisguised, transcendent russophobia, which, tellingly, is the leading independent activity, and maintained their leadership.

Slightly lower level of Russo-phobia shows the official opposition radio station "Echo of Moscow". A lot of negativity to the Russian can be heard on the "Business" radio Business-FM.

Expresses a peaceful pro-Russian "Vesti-FM». Entertainment radio station trying to stay out of politics and avoid sharp corners: nevertheless even entertaining radio Petrosyan made in the key of "well, what else to expect from our nasty Rushka."

In general, the airwaves is anti-Russian.

Paper Media

The range of opinions major printed media ranging from neutral ("Bulletin") to stressed Russophobic ("Novaya Gazeta"). The editorial policy of most of the business press ("Kommersant", "Expert", "Power") tends to moderate russophobia.

Tabloids sometimes allows himself to express a pro-Russian point of view, but the overall emphasis on dill successfully invalidates these timid attempts.

Thus, at the front of the paper media situation is again formed not in our favor.


The Internet is currently the main sector of the breakthrough of Western propaganda. Some sites Runeta (, Newsland) captured russophobes entirely, others (LiveJournal, Facebook) retain the appearance of neutrality, though russophobes and they have an overwhelming advantage.

A huge number of secondary sites — such as comments to the articles of most online media — firmly occupied by liberal bots will automatically leave comments in the key of "rise up in revolution, the oppressed people" and "when will die this damned country."

Starting in 2011, the Internet began to emerge en masse quality pro-Russian resources (However, Aypolk, Made-in-us).

In general, however, the Internet is now a purely anti-Russian.


The mood of the society formed over the years. They are influenced by a general background of the ongoing positive developments in Russia and the tireless work Russophobian sources.

The vast majority of Russian attitudes toward modern Russia is quite skeptical and critical, however lowly crawling in the mud in front of the entire western, which could be observed in the nineties, is not: if for no other reason that foreigners are not currently associated with a pot-bellied bourgeois in tuxedos , but with a brown janitors in orange vests.

As a reliable indicator of the Russians' attitude towards the state can serve past the 2012 presidential election. They voted for Putin, 64% of Russians.

The composition of enemy troops

Army Russophobes-colored and poorly organized. However, it is of less dangerous. Here are the basics of acting against the Russian people.

Western politicians

Ironically, this is almost the only category Russophobes that allows itself to speak in plain text, yes, Russia is our enemy and we are trying in every way to her shit. John McCain,
Michael McFaul, Hillary Clinton: all of these people may well be trusted when they talk about their dreams about the American puppet in the Kremlin. The role of Western politicians in the information war against Russia — the allocation of financial and other resources to conduct this war.

The Western media

The "free" western media, as well as Western politicians are primarily oriented to the west same audience. Therefore they say about Russia is not so much, and when they say — driven exorbitant cranberries and hack, like illustrations of the rally on the abolition of time zones account with nationalists march.

Russia in their reports serves as a vile and greedy enemy that attacks the defenseless Georgia, then extorts money for gas in Ukraine helpless.

Pro-Western NGOs
Western military non-profit organizations are divided into two types — by rating agencies such as Transparency International, which put Russia on the last place in their ratings, and opposition to the trough type USAID, which are paid by prominent representatives of our fifth column. Both activities are important, thus if grantorazdatchikov we recently kicked out of the country, that somehow counteract the lies of "independent agencies" we can not.

Agents of the West

Receive a salary in the West Russian opposition — such as Ponomariov or Alekseev — organize various actions with a view to extending Russophobian ideas. Their activities and motives are crystal clear: they allocate money for a pro-Western propaganda, they work out the money the organization of opposition rallies, work in the media and in the blogosphere and other obvious ways.

This group may include candidates for the title of agents: the type Naganova activists who first lead rufosobskuyu some time campaigning for free, and only then get up to full pay and allowances.

Liberal journalists

Ironically, most of the journalists Russophobes shits us completely disinterested, without any financial support from the West. Historically, that 95% of the journalists and editors of the media has a more or less Russophobian point of view.

The owners of the media are not always shared this attitude of journalists, but as a rule determined to break through the footage from the owners of the knee is not: if for no other reason that the Russo-phobia is a relatively easy way to hold high ratings.

A classic example is all the same radio station "Mayak", which theoretically belongs to the state, and in practice allows the presenter to promote the air exorbitant russophobia.


For people with active citizenship promotion Russophobian ideas is a natural place for applying forces. Battling their own country they think they are engaged in extremely useful for the society of all — at the same time that it is important, activists feel in full support of the public.

As a rule, activists are beginning to kakih-nibud neutral themes — such as for example the fight with flashing lights, corruption, or even to juvenile justice. But soon enough background information leading them first to the conclusion "that the problem admits the state," and then to the idea of evil, "it is necessary to deal with the authorities, it is now more important and necessary my small concrete cases."


Not everyone can handle the immigrants a sense of resentment toward their abandoned country. Many of them find an outlet run by Russophobian activity on the Internet. This gives them the opportunity to not only "revenge" of Russia, but also to assert themselves at the expense of "poor" Russian.

Also, some of our compatriots do a little gesheft on services leaving the country: they russophobia serves as a sort of identification beacon that attracts potential emigrants.

In a separate category Russophobes can distinguish the many citizens of Ukraine, who for some reason find participation in the information war with Russia almost a sacred duty.

Led by people

"The dark mass" Russophobes are ordinary people who, at some point find yourself immersed in Russophobian information field. The man — a social animal, so at the moment when he realizes that his work colleagues and his buddylist on the Internet are russophobes, he immediately takes this ideology and starts as its small way to spread it further.

It takes a lot of courage and a very thick skin to a long time to go "against the flow". Therefore, even if a team is found Russophobes and white patriotic crow, she usually prefers to keep mum about his unconventional views.

The Losers

Chronically dissatisfied people find life in russophobia great explanation and justification for their failure. Since free time — as well as unspent anger — the losers are usually many, there is nothing surprising in the fact that they differ enviable prolific at creating Russophobian posts and comments.

A typical example of such a failure can russophobe-blogger


Liberal bots

An important role in the spread of liberal Russophobian myths play bots and command botovodov. Some boats are used for the promotion of pro-Western bloggers, others are working "on the areas of" creating Russophobian background information in the comments to thousands of small forums and media. The individual commands are used for high-botovodov point of seizing power in key headings (the classic example — the occupation

The current balance of power

Despite the overwhelming superiority of the enemy in strength and skill, the situation is not as hopeless as it may seem at first glance.

The government, though slow, but begins to call to order the media belonging to him. There is increasing pro bloggers and public figures. For many people, there comes an overdose of Russophobia they are bored mud flows that are pouring out of cracks in their country. Finally, people are becoming more experienced: after a brief period of euphoria blind they begin to see inconsistencies and misrepresentations in the enemy's propaganda.

Many people already understand that Russia is against a real information war, and are not going to take part in the war on the side of the enemy. Unequal battle-hardened pro-Russian participants in the discussions gain invaluable skills counteract disorderly crowds Russophobia.

Finally, we are on its territory, and our enemy is forced to wield the opponent: it is poorly understood in the present situation, and regularly admits because of this painful mistakes.

In general, the information war is planned to turn in our favor. In the coming years, we have a good chance to take away rufosobov much of the information field.

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