The investigator canceled a visit to the KGB, Vladimir Neklyaeva

Mother Natalia Radina, "Her hit big time, that given for Square." The investigator put the acquaintance of Vladimir Neklyaeva with the criminal case. Bishop Benjamin promised to help in the meeting with Paul Sevyarinets priest. Sergei Martseleva the first time in 3 months visited by a lawyer.

March 31 journalist Natalia Radin had to come from Kobrin to Minsk for questioning by the KGB, but until now the location of Radina unknown. Parents journalist said that in the morning on April 1 they call from an unknown person who told me to not worry about her daughter, she allegedly abroad. Meanwhile, no one later this information is not confirmed. April 1 dialed the number again in the evening the father of journalist Valentina Radin. There is information about Natalia?

"There is nothing at all. No one even called. Nothing new to report I can not. "

On Valentine Radin, his daughter began to look for the KGB in the evening on March 31, they also said that if Radina off the train "Brest-Minsk" in Luninets and never returned.

The website "Hartyya97," which was edited Radina before his arrest on December 20, placed the following message. "Natalia Radin is for the availability of the KGB. This is Natalia told At the moment she is abroad in a safe place. "

Meanwhile, parents of the journalist said that Natalia to communicate with them do not come out.

Former presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva April 1 was summoned to the KGB, to begin familiarization with the case. "In the morning investigator called and said that's all for today is canceled. Preliminary information that prescribe for tomorrow, "- said" Radio Liberty "politician's wife Olga Neklyaeva. To whether the transfer of the visit to the KGB Neklyaeva with events around Natalya Radina? Olga Neklyaeva is not commenting.

April 1 activist campaign headquarters Statkevich Sergei Martseleva visited by a lawyer — for the first three months of arrest, said Liberty Marina Adamovich, wife Statkievich:

"The lawyer said the only thing that can be of him — that he is willing, in the normal state. Well, that although the letter to him from the will of the majority of income, although letters from him almost did not miss. "

Grandmother Martseleva Zoe Evmenova that protects them, received from him only two letters and is very worried about the health of her grandson, which is contained in an internal KGB prison — "American."

You can see what's going on? In one day, the prosecutor's office figured out. I do not exclude that in a week will be judged.

What's the matter Statkevich andDzmitry Us— It is directed from the prosecutor to the Minsk City Court, which must decide where it will go through the process. Marina Adamovich said that the prosecutor's office about the case is not delayed.

"You see what's going on? In one day, the prosecutor's office figured out. I do not exclude that in a week will be judged. "

April 1, it became known as the presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov started to get acquainted with the criminal case. Sannikov, as Statkievich with mustache, is accused of organizing mass riots.

Mother Paul Sevyarinets Tatiana had a meeting with Bishop Benjamin. The talk was that the KGB prison inmates, and her son also had the opportunity to meet with the priests.

"He promised that he would work hard to send a priest to Paul — it's the first thing. And secondly, that the contract was made from the KGB detention center and the people there could perform their religious needs, as "Volodarka. '"

In early March, the investigator did not allow Paul Seviarynets meet with the priest for confession.



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