The latest U.S. carriers are huge «floating city»

The latest U.S. carriers are huge
USN carrier fleet upgrade its own series of next-generation vessels, which will be equipped with new technologies, including more UAVs.

DCS09-371-5 Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding Newport News file

New class aircraft carriers «Ford» — is the first new case design such type of ships since the construction of the aircraft carrier «Nimitz» at the end of the 60s. Their large size and the number of different structures and connections on board earned him the nickname «floating cities.»

First class ship Ford had just finished aircraft carrier «Gerald R. Ford», will be launched on November 9 as part of the ceremony. Formally, it has taken over the service in the Navy in 2016.

Ford class aircraft carriers to carry the whole complex of advanced technologies, including the latest generation of radar systems and more than efficient nuclear power plants. The ship also has a large flight deck and three aircraft elevators. These improvements allow Ford class carriers do 25 percent more flight missions than their predecessors — class ships Nimitz.

When the carrier Ford officially intercede on service, with him also will run unmanned drones within missions for ground forces.

Ford weighs almost 100 thousand tons, and made atonement for the service he will be «floating city» for more than 4,600 crew members and 75 aircraft.

Also new is the most energy-efficient aircraft carrier ship ever built, and the first to be held on board and more electronic systems which replaced the outdated steam. All wiring is astronomical ship 3 million meters of electronic cables.

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