The list of Dima Yakovlev against a list of Sergei Magnitsky cut diamond?

List of Dima Yakovlev against a list of Sergei Magnitsky cut diamond?Frighten Russia, frighten Magnitsky list, yes, in the end, and were honored — took the majority of votes in the South American Congress controversial law. Both houses of the South American Parliament unanimously expressed a desire to actually cancel the unfortunate Jackson-Vanik amendment, but with all this change it with a new piece of legislation — the act of Magnitsky. Senator Cardin is like no other, so lusted makarom to allege a violation of human rights in Russia. Say, if our native land — the country in which lawyers are killed in prison hospitals, the urgent need to take some action: make a list of "guilty", and the guilty, only the views of Congress and prevent these people race in the United States. Plus listed freeze the accounts of all those who Cardin and Co. brought in list Magnitsky.

After the creation and adoption of the list as many abroad and in our country, said: but because of what, in fact, raise a ruckus. After all, they have accepted list not against you and me — ordinary Russians and, for very different people. Say, we have not touched — and right … The position, of course, fascinating, but some already very opportunistic. Well neuzh-then who is confident that South American parliamentarians made it all for the sake of punishing the guilty in the death of Magnitsky? Naive …

But, even taking out the brackets the identity of those people who were in the "black list", one wonders about against another country or any individual acting gentlemen something similar Magnitsky Act? Maybe Americans arrested account of George W. Bush, which for the time being in your own office Rounded white houses managed to break many of the rights and freedoms of innocent people that the mother did not worry … Maybe Congress to ban travel to the U.S. to all persons who are involved in the murders of peaceful inhabitants in Serbia, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. If so, what are some restrictions on the check is not enough. Here to the Congress will have to dissolve itself … maybe the same Cardin companions decide to make a list, for example, the British Queen with David Cameron, who is not averse to a private area not abandon the whole, sorry, terrorist and oligarchic riffraff, who managed to break all the possible human rights taken together.

But it is necessary to talk about one-sided U.S. sanctions again and again, if our discussion of U.S. politicians seeking another mote in another's eye, obviously not impressed. In this case it is better to find the corresponding hands-on course, which South American will allow legislators to realize that at least some stick has two ends, and each action, according to the laws of physics, gives rise to an adequate reaction.

Specifically, such practical opposition from Russia may become, if you wish, "our answer to Chamberlain" in the form of a list name Dima Yakovlev. Dima — one boy, who had once adopted a South American family, and because of him "concern" that the foster father managed or forgotten, or deliberately throw the baby in water heated to 50 car in the sun, so that the boy died. Recall that the case was issued in Virginia, according to the laws which Miles Harrison faces up to 10 years in prison. But the tribunal not only did not give Infanticide 10 years, and in general met this man … just the Tribunal did not consider it an act adopted father Dima Yakovlev criminals: they say, well, forgotten man, happen to anybody … But in such cases, with South American babies are constantly tribunal convicted defendants and 'rewarded' guilty simply astronomical terms. But since then the South American kids, and then the Russian … Human rights is something in the U.S., it turns out, can be taken with regard to far not all. And if so, what they say in general the adoption of the list of founders Magnitsky. Is it time to take a closer look at them in the mirror to behold firsthand that there are real human rights violations: a violation of basic rights — the right to life. Or all the same in the United States recognize that the world's people have to share on grades? ..

Of course, that a retaliatory move by Russia against the United States — apparently compulsory measure. This is emphasized as the Russian Foreign Ministry, as well as lawmakers who showed a rare edinonodushie when making a list of Dima Yakovlev in the first reading. But when such a step is made, it is necessary to bring the case to the end. We must pursue an active information campaign that would have permitted to reveal the narrowness of foreign policy of the United States and the samples were silent about the facts of their own violations of human values. Let that same world society, of which so much is said in the near future, too, will open their eyes to the South American "democracy" that the real democracy, and was not around. The very fact of a list of Dima Yakovlev could put the South American president, who has promised to sign the Magnitsky Act before the end of 2012, in the opposite position. After all, if Obama will go to such a move, and then Putin will move retaliatory list, capable of showing the world that it's time to take a sober look at the South American system of justice that is the true reincarnated stuffed democracy outside all the feather to feather, but inside — solid filings for giving form …

The adoption of the list of South American legislators Magnitsky traced not desire a real struggle for democratic values, and the desire for a new steel hanging the curtain. After all, with it even more convenient talk about the obvious danger of the Code in respect of the United States. South American politicians actually just need the presence of the external enemy, the shadow of which can be rotated profitable trades yourself. So should we talk about the fact that someone in the United States is deeply concerned about the disastrous fate of Sergei Magnitsky … Yes, the majority of voting "for" do not even know who that of Magnitsky, and why he was in jail. But it is for Congress and not fundamental.

It is a pity that the name of the man now, thanks to overseas bureaucrats turned into a synonym for the policy of double standards that have to correct symmetrical ways.

Some might say that the Russian response to the U.S. list, will not be a big disaster. But we were wrong and disaster are needed. Assignment of in the present case consists in the fact, that take up a huge mirror and bring it to the U.S.. Look at ourselves sometimes very useful.

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