The literary debut of the Internet can result in a criminal case

Blogger from Lida Eugene Kutsko suspected of defaming the deputy chairman of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee Andrei Khudyk. The officer went to court, as the thought that in a literary work, the main character is also named Andrew Khudyk are fed distorted information about it.
Last year, during the presidential elections Eugene Kutsko posted on his personal page on the social network "in contact" narrative that is inspired by the article in the local newspaper.

Man struck by the Andrew Khudyk, then chairman of Leeds City Council, said at a press conference on how to pass his time, how many different and important things have to be addressed. In his literary work, he added, and he invented artistic details, comparisons, other:

"I just wrote the story for myself and decided to put it," Vkontakte ", that he was lying there. But I had no purpose to hurt or laughed executive committee chairman. Understand that I set a goal, then why would I place it on a personal page. Usually people place such information on the forums. "

From the very beginning, with the words Kutsko, he did not suffer such a development — until criminal case, since the text could only see the registered users on the network. It is for this reason that the protagonist works Kutsko had a name and a surname is the same as the chairman of the executive committee.

Several months later, Andrew Khudyk became deputy chairman of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee, and in the regional newspaper "Grodno Truth" published an article about how Mr. Khudyk found on the Internet allegedly "false facts" about themselves.

Eugene Kutsko says that after telephone conversation with Mr. Khudyk posted on the website forgiveness, and how he asked, but the official was reportedly unable to find him:

"Then he carried the printout — not me personally, because he said to him not coming — printing on both sites, personally handed to him. But I think that perhaps he did not read, just filed a petition to the court."

With the work of Eugene Kutsko fired in a single day. And now the young man says that having a college degree, can not even get in Lida loader.

If the guy is convicted on criminal charges of "defamation done in a public speech or in print, or in the media," Kutsko can be punished by a fine, award correctional labor for up to two years, or restriction of liberty for up to 3 years.

Grodno human rights activist Roman Yurhel inclined to believe that the judicial practice of the case is very atypical and confusing, but very revealing in the sense that a high official to complain to the court that, posting on the Internet:

"I think Andrew Khudyk" offered "to make a complaint to other ordinary citizens did not express some of their own thoughts, not only in newspapers but also on the sites. People were afraid to go online and comment on Yes to criticize the current government" .

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