The living body buried Hambo Lama Itigelov.

If anyone still has not heard of the amazing and mysterious man: Hambo Lama (Dashi-Dorzho Itigelov), which reached the highest enlightenment, and before saying goodbye to the world went into the deepest meditation, then please get acquainted. What is it so interesting? It's simple: 75 years later, according to his will, he was lifted to the surface from underground and medical experts had to admit that his body has all the characteristics of the living. Skin and joints are lost elasticity, body temperature is about 30 degrees, and it is capable to sweat!

Itigelov — A native of Buryatia, a famous religious leader named Hambo Lama Dashi Dorzho Itigelov (1852-1927), who was the head of Russian Buddhists from 1911 to 1917. In order to understand and assess the current state of Itigelov extremely important that he went into another world when you perform certain ritual activities: collecting his close disciples, he sat in the lotus position and asked them to perform Buddhist prayer "good wishes to the outgoing."

The disciples were amazed that we must say this prayer living person. Then Itigelov a prayer itself. And before that, he left a will to his disciples: saying that dates back thousands of years, he asked to raise his 75 years, to make sure that he is alive. Speaking secular language, it is quite possible that he wanted to demonstrate to myself sample, a sample of how to live after death. And, apparently, he believed that a thousand years — enough time to ensure that the people understood, able to understand the mechanisms, methods of achieving them this.

In September 2002 the opening of the sarcophagus, which was Itigelov, in the presence of a manual of Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia, and medical experts. General surprise caused a great time in spite of the safety of the body and the irreversibility of physical decay. Itigelov still sitting in the same lotus position, which was accepted by meditating, in the care of the living. He was not just outwardly recognizable, but he had found all the signs of a living body: soft leather with no shades of decay, preserved in place nose, ears, eyes closed, fingers and so on.

The greatest miracle that has no equal in the history of mankind, there is in Russia in Ivolginsky datsan — incorruptible body of Hambo Lama famous Itigelov recovered from the graves of eight years ago, made it know that it is alive.

— His body began to sweat — says Yanzhima Vasilyev, director. — The small drop of liquid on his skin appeared in July 2010. Wiping the sweat from his face and body, we notice that it is warm, above room temperature! And when, during the Great Hural in datsan are praying, the temperature of the body of Hambo Lama rises to 36 — 37 degrees. As each of us, it's normal temperature a healthy person!
Sweat was so much that silk clothes Hambo Lama soaked them through. The monks have to change his clothes more and more often. They note that the joints are sitting in the lotus is a Buddhist saint mobile.

Scientists can not yet give an explanation for this phenomenon. As a man, buried in 1927, was able to keep his body in a spark of life?

Research carried out in 2004, failed to provide an answer to this question, but it was proved that the samples taken for analysis of tissues (four of hair from the head, cut the nail with the fingers of his right leg, skin particles) correspond to the status of a living person. The analysis conducted identification department head Dr. Russian Center of Ministry of Health forensic Russia Viktor Zvyagin. No signs of decay — death has no power over the Buddhist saint! The astonished the experts concluded that the state in which the Itigelov not belong to any of the three known states (mummification, "peat tanning" fat-wax), you can save the corpse after death. Scientists then called the phenomenon Itigelov "fourth state of death." And the Buddhists call it a miracle, "inexhaustible precious body."


Skeptics doubt that Itigelov live, now fall away like autumn leaves from the trees, revealing a great truth. The body of a Buddhist saint responds to the environment — is the most important sign of life. The scientists were looking for examples of this all over the world and never found.

— Incorrupt body of Buddhist monks is in Asia, but they are more like a lifeless mummy — said Yanzhima Vasiliev. — In China, the body of a dried-up in Japan — as well. A two famous figures imperishable lamas in Vietnam are more like statues — varnished, they lack the guts. In contrast, all of them Hambo Lama Itigelov completely exposed mummification or embalming. In expert opinion, inspects his body right out of the grave, it was noted that any signs of autopsy missing. The only thing that was noticed — and slightly injured herself on the leg wound was ichor! The body tries to land in 75 years, it looked as if alive. Pink skin, swollen cheeks. It seemed like a llama fast asleep …

Forensic experts were then given a prognosis that the body recovered from the cedar box (it sprinkled with salt Lama spent at a depth of 75 meters and a half years), the air begins to decompose within 2 — 3 days. But signs of disintegration of tissues not come, then or now — eight years later. On the contrary, the germ of life, slept in the body of the saint, awake! Doctor of Technical Sciences Boris Bolshakov, measuring the state of the environment near the body Itigelov, said that the body Lama vibrates at a frequency of 1 Hz. This corresponds to the state of the human embryo. By assumption, Professor Bolshakov, the body gets Itigelov recharge through the stream frequency sounding in prayer. From the day of the burial of his soul has not lost touch with the flesh, it is a living organism. The reason, according to the hypothesis Bolshakov that, going into another world in a state of very low frequency — 1 Hz, the llama is not plunged into death, but into a different state of life.
— September 12, on the eighth anniversary of acquiring precious inexhaustible body of Hambo Lama Itigelov in Ivilginski temple pilgrims come not only from Russia, but also Buddhists from Mongolia, China, India and other countries. We welcome all who wish to join the great miracle — invites Yanzhima Vasileva (btw, it is a relative saint — her grandfather was the son of the sister Itigelov — approx. Aut.). — People's minds are not yet able to understand and explain the phenomenon Itigelov. But we are trying to understand why it happened in our time. Enlightened lamas believe that this is a sign to mankind: the land comes into the era of spirituality. All those who are fortunate enough to come into contact with the body Itigelov, say going from his powerful energy. The astronauts have told me that they feel like on the Earth's orbit. By the way, Anatoly Chubais visited Itigelov just before the attack on herself. And then tell them that this is a holy lama had saved him from death. And Gennady Zyuganov, having been here, I saw a pillar of fire of white light, go away, he said, the heavens. Advisor to the President of Kalmykia Kirsan Ilyumzhinov Valery Haptahanov by participating in worship with the body Itigelov, found his new socks and a jacket lining has spread to shreds: Lama explained that in this way the saint took his negative energy. Well, more accurately expressed the feelings of all, covering all who came into contact with the phenomenon, expressed Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev, who touches the Itigelov last year. He told us that the Hambo Lama for us is not just watching, but also looks after …


The name of Hambo Lama Itigelov connected a whole chain of mystical wonders. Even leaving it to the other world was not death. July 15, 1927, being in good health, 75-year-old head of Russian Buddhists ordered to read a prayer over him good wishes dying. Monks in tears and refused to perform it, and then Itigelov began to read the prayer for the dying itself. Uttered the sacred words, he stood in the lotus position with eyes closed. Breathing was missing, there was no pulse. Monks, as bequeathed Itigelov, they buried him in a wooden box and covered with salt. A year later on the Buddhists, as well as to members of all religious faiths, hit the sword of Stalin's repression. To the grave was desecrated the holy monks razed it to the ground. Only twice, in 1955 and 1973 they were opened secretly buried to make sure that the body is the head of Russian Buddhists is in the same place. By the way, the denunciation of these actions have only recently found in the KGB archives. Special forces, fearing that the cult of worship of the holy will in magnitude, and not leave it in the grave!

Even after the collapse of the Soviet Union found a testament Itigelov. In it, giving the descendants of the covenants, he punished raise his body in 2002. This was done with the blessing of the current head of Russian Buddhists Khambo Lama Damba Ayusheeva XXIV. Fortunately, while he was yet alive 96-year-old historian Tsybikov Bimba, who knew Itigelov personally — he recognized it:

— It's Hambo Lama Itigelov himself!
Surprisingly, in a year when in Buryatia was the greatest drought on the grave Itigelov richly flowered willow. In dead, blazing sun scorched earth awakened life …

Itigelov left behind more than 50 books he has written on old Mongolian language. The manuscripts were hidden during the persecution of the faith, they were found only recently. Deciphering just begun: it is a complex process, it is necessary to take into account even the number of letters per line. In Buddhism, it has a special sacred meaning. A March 30, 2005 the manuscript was found Itigelov that allowed him to understand the scale of the individual — in which he wrote about his past lives.

— survived the 12 reincarnations, according to the text — explains Yanzhima Vasiliev. — Five of them — in India, five — in Tibet, and two — in Buryatia. In one of the first life, countless years ago, he was the incarnation of Buddha Kashyapa …
Prophecies Itigelov not yet made public. We only know that he accurately predicted the Stalinist repressions, the date of his return from the grave, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the future of Russia. "

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