The medical examination of drivers required!

To the State Duma a bill on compulsory medical examinations of drivers of public transport ..

Government submitted to the State Duma recently developed a draft law providing for the introduction of compulsory medical examinations for drivers of public transport. Document changes pass inspection frequency for drivers of private vehicles, so that we will have to get another certificate every five years.

Professional driver impose more stringent standards. Drivers coming to work, must undergo mandatory medical examination for employment, plus every two years. Of the employer should check whether an employee survey. According to the bill, will be introduced as the practice of inspection drivers after flights.

It is planned that after the passage of members of the government form and approve the list of diseases that have become an obstacle to sound management. And approve the list of constraints in the management of vehicles, regardless of category.

For violation of the medical examination, according to the document, the officers will pay fines amounting to three thousand. Entities to poverty in the amount of thirty and fifty thousand rubles.

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