The Mysterious Island





Special report from the city, who disappeared 415 years ago

The soldiers trod softly on the ground, holding his arquebus at the ready. An hour ago, they saw a signal — vzvivshiysya campfire smoke, a sign that their call for help.

WHILE squad arrived, it was already dark. Under his feet squelched water, and these sounds thunder spoke in dead silence. Carefully stepping into the house (doors open), the military saw the candles burning on the table, and on the hearth burning out the cooked food — the inhabitants of the village of Roanoke is clearly going to sit down to dinner. 116 people — men, women and young children — have disappeared, vanished as if they never existed. With them gone and pets — the soldiers did not find any dog or chicken. When he reached the edge of the sinister village, the commander gave the order to stop — on a tree near the house of the priest, lit the flame of the torch, were white carved into the bark of the word — not clear and this terrible …

— The commander of the English squad told Governor John White of the disappearance of the village, but he did not believe him and ordered a further search. Total in 1590, the North American Roanoke Island was sent four exploratory expedition — said in an interview with "AIF" vice-president of the society, "The Lost Colony" James Hart. — The last head commissioner of Queen Elizabeth I, Walter Reylif. Was not found even a drop of blood or a strand of hair flap torn clothing that would indicate an attack enemies. The surrounding forests are scrutinized in search of fresh graves, but no corpse, too, was not found. Local tribe of Indians, kroatonov friends with the colonists, but just in case searched their village on a nearby island. It was inconclusive. As a result, the White Queen had sent a telegram: "They could not disappear just like that, that do not have even a trace. They took away the devil. " Later Reylif already on his own initiative sought settlers dug the earth at the site of the village, but after 14 years finally gave up the search. Complete disappearance of the Roanoke colonists considered to be one of the major mysteries in the history of mankind.


Where did the people do?

NOW Roanoke Island — one of the most popular tourist destinations in the U.S. state of North Carolina, and vanished village — the main means of spin tourists for money. Paul Green's play "The Lost Colony" is always sold out, at kiosks — colorful booklets with views of Roanoke for $ 20, merchants offer from trays baseball cap, decorated with a question: "Where are the people?", A small island in the museum — a few items from the deserted village mainly utensils. Hand to the popularity of Roanoke and made a recognized master of horror writer Stephen King — in his version, described in the novel "Storm of the Century", the villagers are gone, because I do not wish to voluntarily give away one of their children envoy devil. A crowd of tourists around the clock besieging the same tree with a carved inscription — the truth is said to historical sources, the words were changed three times. Walter Reylif in his report wrote that the tree was scratched: "It does not look like …". The certificate from 1670 nun Emily Wayne writes that the bark words — "Evil is inevitable," and now — just the inscription «Cro» … Others believe that the original word is almost completely burned out on the orders of the commander of the expedition — Reylif considered that the report on the crust encrypted "one of the names of Satan": the individual letters are preserved only. Some researchers believe that the label and in the beginning was read as "Cro" — say, the colonists tried to show that their sudden disappearance implicated living near Indians kroatony and Walter Reylif with fear all mixed up.

— The Indians worshiped the god Kroatonu (from this comes the name and their family, and adjacent to Roanoke Island, where they lived) — it was thought, he always lived among them, but was invisible at will, and could not take root in any body — says researcher customs of North American Indians, Canadian Professor Pierre moraines. — The natives told us that God wore a meal on the altar of sacrifice: the priests sat in a circle and watched as the food is slowly disappearing in the air. Perhaps there was a case of mass hallucination, but generally in the beliefs of many kroatonov mysticism. For example, the god Kroatonu (whose name translates as "Soul Reaper") once a year sent a "helper" — a powerful warrior: he was placed in a locked cabin with the altar, but the soldier disappeared in the morning.


Indian shaman hypnotized colonists

UPDATES for the past 415 years since the disappearance of the Roanoke accumulated nearly a million. Here and monstrous appearance, an unknown illness (why residents of the city fled in a hurry), and the attack of pirates, who have taken all the captives, and the fact that settlers sailed to England on a dilapidated schooner, but caught in a storm, and the "black hole" in time. The latest version that I have heard in Roanoke in conversations with the researchers' case missing colony "(based on a study of beliefs kroatonov) — Indian shaman hypnotized colonists, after which the whole village in full force stepped into the waves of the sea and drowned. It is not clear why this was necessary Indians.

Manteo Town Hall, town on the island, already tortured to issue permits to carry out excavations in the lost colony. Even the eminent National Geographic Society tried to dig up something for two years.

— It can not be that there remained nothing — says a press assistant Sarah Allison National Geographic-Last. — Must be at least some evidence — why just an hour gone, all these people, as if vanished? Those versions that have already been given, easily crumble to dust Pirates never come to the shore to the northern seas, shaky schooners colonists did not own — in 1587 they sailed to the island on three ships (the day of missing persons all the ships were in port). Indians attack also could not catch them off guard — Roanoke settlers were heavily armed and well-protected village. I have no clear explanation — what happened.

In the evening … Roanoke blooms colored lights — people fill area restaurants, go to the theater for "lost colony", and Japanese tourists snapping smartly souvenir baseball cap with the words "Where are the people? '. The exact answer to this question is obviously not received have never been.

Anecdote to this topic

In the department of Indian registry office comes and says,

— I want to change my name, but it is too long. My name is

— Clearly, — says an employee. — What name do you want?

— Steam locomotive.

Victor Marti, Roanoke — New York


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