The mysterious structure of Israel. Wheel of spirits.

Thirty-five archaeologist Michael Fraykman — doctoral student at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. For several years, the specialist in Late Neolithic and Copper Age (VI-III millennium BC) leads the excavation of a unique monument "Wheel of spirits, "Preserved on the Golan Heights. A few months ago, he made a startling discovery, unraveling the mystery of this unique giant complex.

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"Wheel of spirits", also known by its Arabic name al-Hiri Rudzhm — the only one of its kind in Israel, a megalithic monument (construction of large stone blocks, connected without the use of cement or mortar). The complex consists of more than 42 thousands of basalt boulders arranged in concentric circles.

In the center is a mound height of 4.5 meters. The outer shaft has a diameter of 156 meters and a height of 2.4 meters. Because of the antiquity and the appointment of the dilapidated building for many years remained unclear. Legend has it that it was built by giants, someone compared the "Wheel of spirits" megalithic observatories, like being in Britain's mysterious Stonehenge, or some alien landing site for flying ships.

Fraykmana research showed that the "age" of this complex is about 5600-6000 years, although in the past it was believed that no more than 3500-4000 years. Are nearby like where lesser building but more ancient.

"In contrast to the fact that many thought the locals were not simple nomads. They had a fairly well-developed culture, were ritual burial, was a social differentiation — was someone who could give the order to build a giant complex. But as the Golan due to the strong winds and erosion nothing is delayed, even the earth, the work was hard. The stones do not "want" to tell us anything, finds almost was not — ton stones found in the best case, one shard. Over the years, struggled with the question: what is the function of this complex? "- Said our source.

In that ancient era cuneiform writing was not there, so there is no written evidence that can help in unraveling the destination "Wheel of spirits." Trying to find an answer to this question, Russian-speaking archaeologist began to look around.

"Rudzhm built people who had somewhere to sleep, cook, live. I began to methodically explore the surroundings of the monument, while the picture was not clear. It turned out that it is not a pile of rocks, and on the walls collapsing. In addition, it became clear that there were around Rudzhma dozens of buildings that resemble the structure of the contemporary Arab villages, where children and their families settle near their parents, and often is a common household. It became clear that we are talking about the leader of the tomb, which eventually turned into a place of worship — said Fraykman. — The fact is that when the place is "sanctified", such as the tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron, it began to attract believers. People era beginning of the Copper Age, too, were the rites and cults, they were going to Rudzhme for centuries. That's why there was a problem to date this complex — we found some traces, fragments, but check them for age was a mistake. Because of the complex was open, and the people there had hundreds and thousands of years after construction. There I even found a Roman beads, but also silly to assume that the place was built by the Romans. "

Scientist denies speculation that "Wheel of spirits" served as a mysterious observatory: "People wanted to, probably, that Israel had its own Stonehenge. But I checked, and the gates, and the fall sunlight, and more. There is nothing there, and no recession, the Earth's axis is not explained. Much later, this place was converted to the primitive calendar, so that was marked by the shortest and the longest day of the year, as well as the equinoxes. This proves that the people were farmers, not hunters, because the primitive hunters like when to sow and when to reap, and what is now a month. Tillers of the soil as it was extremely important, so they built from boulders something like the solar calendar, so as soon as it is possible to build light, Luna has a monthly cycle, and the stars behave as they want. "

December 30 Fraykman participated in a scientific conference in Katzrin, where he presented his research. However, in spite of this discovery, it is not easy. "The scientific community studying the prehistoric era to allocate funds for research of ancient history, biblical community — the study of the era of the Holy Scriptures. Christians and the Vatican finance excavations relating to the Middle Ages. But somehow I was between the chairs, with the sponsorship of the excavation tight. It remains to work, grinding his teeth, and be glad that's such discoveries. After all, the picture is far from complete, there are megalithic structures in the Golan, as long as they have something to eat and explore — I'll do it, "- concluded Michael Fraykman.



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