The Mystery of the Black Helicopter

Riddle of the so-called black helicopters has been known for many years and is associated with UFO, mutilated corpses of cattle and other unexplained phenomena.

However, with the 1993 observation of black helicopters in the sky United States has become a regular event, sometimes they escorted triangular UFO dark color, and sometimes there are isolated groups. Its name these objects were due to the similarities with the military helicopters. They are characterized by black and do not carry on board any markings. Eyewitnesses often notice them, usually flying just above the treetops, in the sparsely populated U.S. locations. The speed of their flight does not exceed 160 kilometers per hour. Glass cockpit of the helicopter painted in black and see what happens to them, it is impossible.

Most often seen black helicopters in the county of NEP (CA) and mostly at night. The media were slow to report unusual UFO, because they thought that these are military installations.

The correspondent of the newspaper "Napa News» Matthias Grisi interested in the phenomenon and decided to conduct its own investigation. Local commanders of the Air Force rejected any connection with the black helicopters. Grisi talked with many witnesses. Here is the story of one of them, a resident of Napa Henry Richardson:

— At night I could not sleep, and I went out to get some fresh air. Bright stars shine a steady light, suddenly, in the north-eastern part of the sky stars disappeared, as if they were closed clouds. I noticed a dark spot moving across the sky in the direction of Napa. After a few minutes I saw on a light background and a huge triangular object next to each corner of the triangle — the helicopter. In the quiet summer night was unexpected sound working propellers. And the triangle, and helicopters were completely black.

Interviewing hundreds of witnesses, the reporter found that the objects appearing in the sky Napa County differed in design and appearance. Most often, witnesses saw flying objects, similar to the military helicopter UH-1, which was used by American troops in Vietnam. During the flight of the helicopter, which the soldiers during the war, called the "workhorse" is heard distinctive, far raznosyaschiysya sound. It is produced double blade. Therefore, the approach of the helicopter can learn even before he appears in sight. Obviously, the objects of this type is seen Richardson.

The second type of black helicopters Grisi called "Cobra" because of the similarity with the military helicopter AH-1 COBRA. These facilities produce a similar sound, but far superior UH-1 size. "Cobra" is very narrow, observers who have seen their front, argue that in this perspective, the machine barely distinguishable against the dark sky. At the appropriate helicopter AH-1 COBRA this effect is due to the product's design, the pilot it is above and behind the officer in charge of the service. Such protection of the coast.

The latter has a high range and reliability, and can even make a landing on the roof of the car. The helicopter of the type used to travel the U.S. president. Reporter managed to find only two witnesses who saw the "sea horse." The event took place March 22, 1998 in the restricted area near Lake Groom Lake. Observers were able to photograph a single object in the photo is currently in Grisi.

Another type, called "banana" for its resemblance to a military helicopter CH-47, can not be confused with any other. Object really is shaped like a banana, a CH-47 was designed to carry heavy loads and is able to take on board a lot of people and equipment. "Black" version of the helicopter seen repeatedly. In 1996, on the shores of Lake Michigan north of Chicago "banana" has landed, and out came a group of people in black uniform.

About the incident reported to the local sheriff, but when he arrived on the scene, black helicopter with the passengers have already flown. The purpose of planting remains unclear. "Bananas" unmarked repeatedly observed in Oklahoma, where they appeared in groups or accompanied by a "cobra". One of the witnesses was even able to remove the "black bananas" amateur video camera. Military experts who Grisi showed the film claim that the objects are very similar to the CH-47 helicopters.

Another type (tentatively called "hybrid") is a cross between a helicopter and an airplane. Screw located in the upper part as well as a conventional helicopter, and the similarity with the aircraft give the wings. "Hybrids" have appeared in Illinois, accompanying triangular UFO, which are often seen in the sky of the state a few years ago. In some cases, witnesses reported any goods carried "hybrids" on long ropes.

One of the witnesses of the appearance of black helicopters "hybrid" type 20 November 1997 Olaf Krouz assured Grisi "on the wings of the objects were distinguishable large inscription" U.S. military birds, Incorporated. " After a lengthy investigation annoying reporter found that in the state of Illinois, as well as in all other U.S. states, there is no registered company with the same name, objects, called Grisi "Hercules", similar to the military helicopter C-130 Hercules.

And they both have a very low and slow flight, and a large carrying capacity. "Hercules" is most often seen in the northern Ohio, where they appeared one by one, sometimes in groups and sometimes accompanied by a triangular UFO.

Grisi has published several articles and made a report on the radio on the issue of black helicopters. He found more than a hundred witnesses of their appearance in California and other states. In all cases, except for the above, the objects do not have any identifying marks (which, generally speaking, Olaf Krouz report puts into question). Reporter contacted the military experts, who unanimously agree that all types of black helicopters, but "hybrids" are very similar to military helicopters are in service in the Air Force. However, the press service of the BBC argues that to them black helicopters have nothing to do.

Sometimes witnesses saw landed "helicopters", next to which there were people dressed in black with objects very similar to automatic weapons.

According to several families from Massachusetts, in March 1997, the men in black arrived by helicopter every day. In this case, the machine carried no markings and flew at low altitude, just a few meters above the ground. In some cases, witnesses, including several police officers were trying to get closer to objects, but they immediately flew away. Not a single case of aggressive behavior by black helicopters or their passengers.

Here is an excerpt from an interview given Grisi a policeman from New Mexico, Matthew Hughes:

— December 24, 1996 on my watch I received orders to go on the radio to one of the nearby farms, where, according to the owner, the robbers arrived in a helicopter. I thought it was a raving lunatic, but he had to obey the order. Since my car in the time of the communication was not far from the farm, I arrived at the scene within ten minutes. It was late evening. At the far end of the farm near the farm buildings was a small device, very similar to a helicopter.

As far as can be discerned in the evening, the helicopter was completely black. Not finding owner of the farm, I came out of the patrol car and walked in the direction of the strange machine. At the same moment I heard the distinctive whistling sound, the propeller blades are in motion, and "helicopter" flew away. No trace of the place where the machine was flown away, was not observed. The house farm owner greeted me with a rifle, the other members of the family hid in the basement.

Farmer said that the black helicopter landed about an hour ago, he came out of the two men in black with automatic weapons in their hands. According to the owner, unknown persons entered the barn, which served as a repository for fertilizers. He started screaming strangers, so they were removed from the territory, not daring to come closer. Strangers did not respond at all and did not pay any attention to the farm owner. I had to call the police.

Hughes wrote an incident report in form, but he knew nothing about whether there was any on the accident investigation. The dossier Grisi have information about the appearance of black helicopters in Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, Michigan, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Ohio, South Dakota, Minnesota, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Illinois and California.

Articles about these UFO published in some media, particularly in the "Los Angeles Times", "Kilgore News", "Denver Post," but the information contained in them is extremely scarce. Observations of black helicopters were recorded from October to May, the peak of activity falls in December and March. According to Grisi, most often the objects appearing in Colorado, followed by Texas.

During its investigation, the reporter met a lover, ufologist from Texas by Thomas Adams, who recorded dozens of self-observation "helicopters" in different states. Analyzing the collected information, Grisi came to the conclusion that there are some underground bases to serve these flying machines. As the facts, such bases are located in Texas and Colorado, and possibly in other states.

Within the United States there are underground bases for military vehicles, and for the people. Before the reporter heard rumors that a hotel building in Byte Sulphur Springs, West Virginia is a secret bunker. Entrance to the underground facilities located in the basement of the hotel and closed the heavy lead door in the bunker are supplies of water and food, electronic equipment, and living rooms. Reporter managed to find a witness, who worked previously at the hotel. He claimed that he had met with the people serving the bunker. According to this witness, the bunker was built simultaneously with the hotel, and it is designed to Congress in case of nuclear war.

According to the journalist, the rarity of reports in the press and the unwillingness of the authorities to investigate the origin of UFO evidence that the black helicopters — secret military development of the Pentagon and the National Security Agency. Inability to base UFO indicates that the latter are in the closed military areas.

Not everyone agrees with Grisi. Many ufologists believe that the phenomenon of black helicopters has an extraterrestrial origin. According to Thomas Adams, aliens exploring Earth and set up for this purpose vehicles, helicopters reminds people not to shock them the appearance of the Earth's inhabitants. Currently Grisi is continuing its investigation, and the mystery of the origin of black helicopters are still on the agenda.

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