The net effect of contact with another reality

A few years ago in St. Petersburg quietly passed an amazing workshop. His name might attract the attention of the citizens, but that is why in order to avoid misinterpretation of advertising was not. He called — ІI city seminar acting contactees. His audience consisted of people with permanent ability to communicate with sources of information of all kinds.

Today we are already familiar with many publications on the subject of contact with another reality. Usually it is the contact with astral beings of a different nature and with the so-called aliens. In the first case, witnesses often have to deal with the dead ancestors, or with the other inhabitants of the other world, in the second — with representatives of other worlds. It is the latter type of contact in the ground and were discussed at the seminar.

We will not consider the so-called encounters of the third kind, when people are witnessing extraordinary events, such as the landing of a UFO, although in many cases there is a telepathic contact with aliens witnesses. Focus only on those cases where the man who calls himself a contactee, always some way to communicate with those whom he considered aliens, aliens from other worlds.

From our point of view, the most interesting is the situation in which a contactee to a question receives an answer in one form or another and those cases when there is a one-sided, but it is quite certain, directed to the person monologue.

If you are currently a word ІekstrasensІ not cut the ear, and the positive and negative aspects of psychic practices are well known, the name itself is still ІkontakterІ at best puzzling. The study of psychic abilities from scientists certain amount of attention has been paid, while contactees such attention awarded rarely. And in vain. Here we can expect not only the opening of psychiatry and psychology. Perhaps a comprehensive study of contactees will be of interest to biologists, and among them, above all, for biophysicists, physiologists, and specialists who study the brain activity of people.

It is important to study not only the contactee, his personality, but also forms of contacts, which is very peculiar. Another interesting study of the technique may be contacts analysis requires special attention ambiguous and often contradictory information.

How can get information contactees?

The most common are several ways to receive. However, with a rigorous analysis of how to divide and form data received into separate groups was almost impossible, as is currently no comprehensive criteria for such an assessment.

Yet, above all, consider the contact form, we tend to think of telepathy. It may be well distinguishable voice, sounding like a man's head, or the sound of a voice coming as if from outside. Or is it clear about contactee thought.

Let us come to the so-called voice contact that contactee hears a voice. Physicians and biologists is well known that stimulation of certain areas of the cerebral cortex in humans can cause all sorts of illusions, which are called hallucinations. Phenomena associated with the contact nature of the voice, many researchers are not interpreted as hallucinations. However, why not imagine that ІgolosІ, audible contactee, while not in the conventional sense, hallucinations, may still occur during stimulation of a certain area of the cerebral cortex, which is very easy to do with aliens rather advanced technical capabilities. We think that this phenomenon is the basis of many, if not all, of telepathic contact.

Many familiar inner dialogue that arises from worried something, or just think people on the go. It's like a conversation with your own ІYAІ dialogue with Іvnutrennim golosomІ. Contactees often exactly describe their contacts, non-sense audible voice. In this dialogue, people often can not distinguish between his own thought up the idea as imposed from the outside. Only the most unusual ideas, information itself suddenly attracted the attention of his uncharacteristic, or, if you like — is nontrivial.

Similarly contactees describe their feelings, taking a monologue with a strong personal orientation, the origin of which they are generally not known.

Why do not we believe that such situations inner dialogue? — To this we believe there is good reason.

If the information obtained in this way has always corresponded to the level of knowledge contactee, this would not be surprising, and the situation could be attributed to the internal dialogue. However, a number of observations does not permit this. By asking specific questions exclusively through the contactor, the specialist can get quite a professional response from the area of knowledge that can not be known contactee. In some cases, the answer may be new to the specialist and the very real from a modern point of view of information. Occupational health assessment can give and contactee diagnostician, often does not have enough knowledge in the medical field, but telepathically receiving information about the physical condition of the person.

Interestingly, in all these cases, the answer to the question of the origin of the necessary information contactee meets uncomplicated phrase ІYA just znayuІ. The same can be heard from the contactee-healer who knows what to do in those particular cases.

There is no doubt that the contact (in the form of dialogue, a one-way monologue) and dialogue with themselves are of different nature. This is easily proved experimentally by analyzing the changes of the brain biorhythms in these two processes.

To telepathic contact form we can relate and so-called pandemotornoe letter, when being in a somewhat altered state of consciousness contactee automatically records the information coming into his mind. In this case, it is not always aware of and did not always understand the content of what he is writing.

No less interesting question of the form in which information is obtained contactees.

During field work in Perm anomalous zone and in other places, we have repeatedly pointed out cases where people have taken the information in the form of symbols. In some cases, such luminous characters and even the so-called plot ІkartinkiІs appeared with closed eyes and saw Іvnutrennim zreniemІ. In other cases, the eyes were open, and the signs (and images) as it appeared in the mind.

We have been big ІkollektsiyaІ signs and symbols whose meaning is often somehow explained by the contactees. Curiously, many of the symbols adopted by different contactees in different locations, yet exhibit many similarities, even in small details. However, the explanation of these same characters contactees are different, and if all of the in-line and looked through a common human logic.

Analyzing such signs, symbols, it should be remembered that the researcher uses the same system of common sense as a contactee, so his interpretation of symbols, if there will be any different to kontakterskoy, it is very small. Recognition of this fact shows how difficult it is trying to find an explanation of the nature and meaning of symbols received through the contact of this kind.

Almost a similar situation we face and in those cases where the contactee creates images of an abstract nature, figurative, or very specific. Abstract paintings, in contrast to the other two types, contactors, usually can not decipher, and their arguments about the energy impact figures do not differ from these estimates of any art images.

In some cases, abstract paintings are accompanied by texts in verse or in prose form. These texts can be philosophical. Or is it a text-handling to the most risuyuschemu who are estimates to the contactee. Rating contactee and its activities in all aspects of life in such cases is almost always positive and encouraging sounds. Part of the text of appeal contains instructions for action to self-improvement.

Drawing contactees are now not uncommon. However, the study of the process of receiving information in such form, as far as we know, have been conducted.

Finding an answer to the question of why and for what is used in specific cases some form of contact, often along with a form of telepathy, it is accessible to the contactor remains open.

A curious incident occurred during an expedition in the so-called M-sky triangle (Perm region., Kishertsky district), which, along with other studies, we tested those who considered himself a contactee. In this case the form of receiving the information can be called telepathic vision. Tell you about our experience of the reception of information.

To detect telepathic abilities in the field is better to use Zener cards with symbols in a square, rings, stars, etc. Operator, looking at the character, mentally transmits its image of experimental participants in the experiment, which is to determine the transmitted symbol. This is the nature of the pilot test.

Through research, I was able to assume the responsibilities of the operator and the role of guinea experiment participant, along with a young man who considers himself a contactee.

Our experience was in usual tourist tent. Contactee whose capacity should be examined, and the operator, whose role I took over, separated 1.5 m The result of the first test was disappointing: special abilities contactee was no different. Then the tables are turned, and now contactee acted as operator. As expected, my ability to telepathy is poor.

When it was over, suddenly occurred to me a new idea of the experiment. I suggested contactee contact his mentors and ask them to take part in our experiments as prompters-prompters.

After a moment, as if listening for something, young man told of their agreement to fulfill my request. I again took the Zener cards and we repeated the experience. This time the result was stunning: contactee did not make any mistakes. In this test series consisted of 50 programs 5 characters depicted on maps Zener. Following this, we will, as in the first experiment, swapped roles. But now I got a unique opportunity to use a hint. In this case, it was recommended to me to close my eyes and I did. Imagine my surprise when on a dark background eyes closed, as if on the internal screen in front of me began to erupt transmitted symbols. This happened in a fairly fast pace, but I had time to see them.

The session ended with the appearance of two bright crossed beams, after which the characters do not appear, although the operator has made efforts to transfer them. After some time, the inner eye rested in normal darkness. I have not done any mistakes. Number of gears in a series of trials was the same.

Further moved beyond experimentation and become a kind of game. Instead of me ІugadyvatІ Zener cards offered the young man, a friend and fellow countryman contactee. He, like me, had been promised a prompt and a recommendation to close my eyes. Like me before, with closed eyes, he saw the flashing symbols and began to call them, not making mistakes. It occurred to me to close my eyes, and I was sent to see signs that seem to arise simultaneously.

Suddenly, the correct answers abruptly broken, despite the fact that the young man and I continued to see the same lit. For both of us ended the session iksoobraznym sign crossed lines rays.

All this shows how much remains to be done in the field of contact as many unexpected, we can detect.

But what about the information provided in contact?

Having saved it in large quantities, many rushing to publish information, rather than to take the trouble to analyze it, interpret findings, determine their values, their meaning and validity. And yet, whether their case? Maybe it is the duty of mankind 's? — Alas! — Academic folk hides its head in the sand as soon as you hear about the origin of the information offered to their attention. Even the contactees are not always in a hurry to go for help to the scientists, perhaps it is for the above reason. Many of them, faithfully wrote down what they heard in the way, they realized the best of intentions wanting to avoid distortions of the original source, are afraid to present the information IB Brushed videІ. As a result, there is something unattractive, vague and contradictory.

That's where you need a self contactee information received, its ability to correct errors and the ability to specify poorly understood, more and more time applying for an explanation of their mentors. Neither chart, no scheme or pattern must not be meaningless. At the same time, we must remember that the work with the information should not be a toy for the intellect, and the information itself should not be the basis for unwarranted conclusions.

Endowing man, what else information may contact the other party evaluates potential contactee, his intellect, the spiritual qualities and moral principles, the suitability for cooperation. Kontaktersky positive experience to receive information that does not contradict the scientific view. This information is quite specific.

Let's look at the problem from the other side.

Ambiguity phenomena contact is not in doubt. Contacts can be viewed from several perspectives. In this view of the psychiatrist may differ from the view of the psychologist, and approach to the contact information science point of view will be different from the view of physics.

And, of course, the inevitable point of view of any contactee phenomenon on contact and on itself is different from the view of a reasonable observer.


View psychiatrist usually sees a contactee deviations in mind, as the canons of psychiatry no voice, nor in any other manner DO NOT allow a person with a different reality, the existence of which is categorically rejected.

Of mentally ill people there are always those who are persecuted by unknown voices. Unlike psychiatrists, professionals, some psychics (and some researchers) tend to see in these cases, contact with the astral world, or contact with certain negative cosmic plan. It is recognized that an aggressive sense of the information obtained in this way can lead to mental disorders caused by fear.

Psychologist, regarding the identity of the contactee, less unambiguously judges it as analyzed and many more options than a psychiatrist. Most often, it suggests rather a normal psychological reactions than pathology.

Physiology of higher nervous activity is unlikely to be interested in behavior and psychology contactee. It will consider changes in the functional activity of the brain, and by defining various parameters of individual rules specific person, set a goal, based on the concepts of the science, to identify abnormalities in contact.

Physicist, estimating the contact as a physical phenomenon, it may be to study the physical nature of the contact and the communication mechanism, changes in the physical parameters of the medium before, during and after contact. Etc. etc …

One can consider the problem in terms of a positive or negative effect on the human contact, contactee, the course of events in his life, or more globally — the impact of exposure to the human community, for its development.

Not being able to address the problem in all its diversity and integrity, shall mention only some of its aspects.

First of all, pay attention to the crucial point: the net effect of exposure depends on how he is aware of the contactee, understands and appreciates establish a contact situation. From this, in turn, will depend on its relation to the contact, and the style of interaction with the alleged object of communication, and even the information coming to person through contact.

If you delve into the matter further and summarize observations currently available at our disposal, it is clear that awareness and understanding of the contact, its essence, is largely determined by the degree of intelligence contactee, its accumulated knowledge, his baggage of experience, and finally his morality. A role in this game of mental health, its physiological characteristics and its character.

It is natural to assume that the result of the contact depends also on who or what is contact.

All this imposes certain restrictions on the contact itself.

We emphasize: — the net effect of contact is never equal to zero.

The first tangible and obvious result — is, above all, the impetus for reflection, revitalization contactee consciousness and intelligence that makes him think and act within the limits of its capacity, limited by the conditions described above, and also, by nature, upbringing, education status and a number of other circumstances.

Finding answers to questions ІChto was it? "Or ІKto was it? I and follow the matter ІDlya what was it? ІNe I and dangerous is it? I. make people take action.

In some cases, the result of reflection and are often influenced by the opinions of others, he finds his mind and fatigue of the nervous system and is looking for a way to recovery, which in itself is not so bad.

In other cases, contactees seek answers to their questions by reading the literature of scientific, philosophical or esoteric nature and unwittingly begin to expand their understanding of the world order and human nature. It also determines their own ideas about many aspects of life, and an updated look to their existence becomes a theoretical basis for action, most often aimed at self-improvement.

There is another way, unfortunately, the more thorny — the way to communicate with other contactees, when a person goes on a search for people with similar experiences. However, he begins to actively expand their social circle, which ultimately also leads to a positive result, as any communication enriches the human experience of life, provides new information for thought.

Such communication teaches contactee to the idea of multilateral and different people's views on the subject of his interest and his philosophical position as a whole. The inevitable clash of different views is a great challenge in the establishment of the spirit, is an educational act in relation to man-contactee and a blunt instrument, to perfect his character. It's obvious.

However, everything is not so simple. The situation described — an example of a better scenario. Unfortunately, the potential contactees rarely follow the scenario described by their unwillingness to such reflections, and more things are moving in a different way: a man meets with hostility any objection, against his concepts that most often expressed in terms of an open, emotionally charged protest, or concealed offense. Both affects both the man himself, lost his balance, and his interlocutor.

Inability to lead the discussion, the inability to listen to the opponent, not interrupting his objections, the reluctance to recognize the right to existence of any other point of view other than their own, does not lead to an agreement, and not to approach the truth. Through something like this pass many contactees. At best, in process of formation, they begin to feel responsible for their own behavior and begin to see the educational side of this situation, knowing that the protest and resentment does not bring you closer to understanding, which provides the ability to share the search for truth.

Communication for people in the contact situation, sooner or later discovers and other pitfalls, not so much emotional as moral character. Many, finding like-minded people and to Іtovarischey neschastyuІ, after a while begin to perceive their painful progress, jealous of the fact of alien contact. Envy is a person who receives a result of communication with his mentor that ability as clairvoyance, healing ability, or open a terminal by other abilities. Especially painful discusses about ІpravilnostiІ information received. Unfortunately this situation is very common. Showing certain ambitions, such contactees is making complexes and hardened to all and sundry. Just calm and confident awareness of its place in the world of being balanced and healthy mind can do without such problems.

In favorable circumstances a person, try to play his new business and finding new abilities can develop them and apply for the benefit of the people, or, not revealing anything new in itself, for some time to consciously give up the futile attempts to emulate the other, and at the same time do not feel left out, do not feel envy.

From the foregoing it can be seen that the formation of the contactor, the passage they step update has a number of features and its difficulties. In this case, at times almost impossible to clearly separate the positive and negative aspects of the process. But clearly the effects of contact circuit, wherein the first link — it's an impetus to reflections, the second link — search for answers to questions related to the contact situation arose through the actions (communication with peers, reading a certain direction, etc.). And finally, the third link, acting more as a result — the upgrade of consciousness, but rather, — changes in life attitudes in a positive or negative direction.

Crucial nature of the response to the evolving contact contactee situation, his actions that lead to certain results.

So, contact not only occurred, but on and on. We take this as the starting point for the next discussion about its positive and negative sides. We shall keep in mind that the contact is a stimulus for the development of man, but of course in any case determines the person.

Today it is clear that the choice of any of us to be the contactee is usually carried out not by us, and, most of all, determined by the technical and psycho-physiological features of both sides of the junction. Further developments are not always clear and predictable.

We must recognize that the direction and outcome of contact depends not only on the identity of the contactee, and the intent and purpose by creating the incident contact. The activities of this party still appears to us in many ways mysterious.

In some cases, the contactee disappearing disease, including chronic, there is a stable health Іsami soboyІ solve everyday problems. In other instances, well obviously because of the mysterious unknown wishers significantly improves health, but other problems, gives a person a lot of hassle, Іsami soboyІ hesitant.

Changes taking place in the life of the contactor, at first can only apply to the scope of his interests and concerns. Or these interests may be significantly expanded, and problems tend to diminish with the new look, and accordingly — new to them.

Changes may be related to the awakening of creative activity, with the emergence of new ideas and their successful implementation in professional work, with the expansion of areas of interest. Because of this, some are not only beginning to show them a hitherto unknown ability, but even find a place in life professionally.

As a result of missionary deeds unknown accomplices contact many contactees are adherents of different religious faiths, and if not fall into fanaticism, becoming a powerful moral potential of further spiritual development.

Others, feeling a nudge momentum resort to earth teachers with training in various courses, training methods self-development. In this awakened sense of identity, there is a critical approach to his disadvantage, patience and calm attitude to other people.

As described above, changes in the positive (or negative) character is always accompanied by the contact situation.

Contact, directly or indirectly, of course, changes the inner man, his character, his view of himself and the world, it is associated with many threads of relationships.

Here again we are confronted with the other side of the coin. We are talking about the changes associated with developmental problems and difficulties contactee relationships with other people.

No matter what is the impetus for the direction of development and, ultimately, the obtaining of any qualities, the emergence of new (if you like — updated), to change a person is always a kind whatsoever reaction constantly around him (it can be family members, old friends, co-workers, etc.). Purchased new human value orientations and attitudes sooner or later cease to coincide with the attitudes and views of life, which are typical for people who are still around that person. These circumstances apply to any change — and the negative and the positive. This is a natural and inevitable result.

Indeed, the dual nature of man is well known. Increased attention to innovations can be generated by two reasons: curiosity, which is a sign of progressive consciousness and facilitates acquisition of new knowledge or skills. And fear, which is a sign of conservatism and a natural protective response in humans at all new. Such ethological (behavioral) reactions inherent in human nature. Both evolutionary justified, useful and of course for the development of human society.

Hence it is clear that, accustomed to the old man people noticing changes occurring in it, this circumstance will react differently. Some part of them sooner or later with him begins to feel uncomfortable, experiencing some internal discomfort. As a consequence there is a suspicion. Triggered a defensive reaction. Unconsciously wanting to determine for themselves the danger of a new phenomenon, the man, so to speak, rushed to the attack, expecting that in response to his words or actions phenomenon show its negative properties. A conflict between man and changed some part of the people around him is almost inevitable.

Particularly acute situations can arise in a family where people are close contactee open and sensitive to changes in the period of development, growth and becoming contactee — new traits, new friends, new outlook on life, etc. The experience of many people who have taken the path of development, (including experience and contactors), shows that at some stage in the growth of the person has the indifference to worldly problems that used to occupy his mind. Inevitable in family conversations on everyday topics start to cause irritation, people either no longer take part in them, demonstrating emotional callousness and indifference to others or begins to impose his opinion, based on a new understanding of life. Both are exacerbating the conflict situation and contributes more profound differences of opinion, but there is a risk to the contactee detachment from reality. Patience and kindness, humility and self-discipline, all the things a person can learn in the process of positive change, fleeing conflict.

We have already observed shift of interest arising from the contactee in contact. We emphasize that, in addition to the loss of interest in usual everyday talk during growth can occur, and indifference to values such as literature, theater, etc. Many contactees, seeing in it a kind of deviation from its norm, frightened unusual for them to state. However, we are not referring to these manifestations of emotional deprivation, because after a while this condition is replaced by a new attitude to the above cultural values. This change is reflected in the emergence of a more in-depth look at the well-known contactee literature and other works. In addition, there is interest in a new type of literature and other cultural values, previously little familiar contactee.

Again touch on the negative impact of exposure, when there is destruction of the individual contactee.

We consider the cases where people blindly follow the advice of their alleged mentors. Learning to get a hint ІsverhuІ such contactee risks becoming banal consumer losing independence. Nahlebnichestvo corrupts and destroys the personality, thus depriving him of the ability to think itself.

In the worst case, there is an acute dependence on the unknown effects. Contactor, starting to experience self-doubt and even some fear of the consequences of any independent action, and the step will not, without first obtaining permission ІsverhuІ. And the saddest thing is that in some cases the negative contact of a person begins to fear punishment, as promised by some unknown dictator in case of disobedience. In a contact situation is born a slave consciousness contactee.

There is another way of destruction of personality.

Contactees, including quite a lot of religious-minded people who do not mind to talk about his high destiny, of his mission. The beginning is always the same: ІMne said … I, ІMne information came … I. The question of who said the information came from, and usually disappears by itself. In response to sweet talk immature spirit immediately vstrepenetsya and, in no doubt, people proclaim to the world about his imaginary mission. It also happens that, by creating an atmosphere of mystery (ІMne forbidden to talk about etomІ) such contactee collects intrigued and gullible flock and declares himself a teacher.

Such methods lead to the emergence of self Іvelikih saviors chelovechestvaІ, smutiteley human spirit, whose names are well known.

It is appropriate here to recall the endless and often unreasonable credulity contactees. As mentioned above, many of them, fascinated by the contact, do not notice the loss of their own initiative, do not analyze the interaction with an invisible partner contact, do not reflect on the content of the information obtained in the contact. Often, it is the information, rather disinformation, is the key to future relations between the two sides of the contact. This is worth looking at in more detail.

Some experience suggests that misinformation concerning these instructions, any action can be a test situation for the contactor, as he often does not know about. The impression is that Іta storonaІ produces a Іotbor rabotuІ on some focus, requiring a human contactee certain qualities. Misinformation provokes contactee to actions that Іta storonaІ analyzed. This man stands or does not stand examination, not understanding what is happening.

Get some experience, learn how to analyze the information received and their own behavior, many people tend to see the positive side of situations in whatever form not submitted test information and however strange it may seem.

Indeed, we may assume that such provocations by profiling reveals man at the same time showing him his faults and virtues, identifying strengths and weaknesses of his personality. By adopting such a version, some contactees make definitive conclusions about yourself and take action to correct deficiencies. Others, feeling curious, with undisguised enthusiasm included in ІigruІ and ready to fulfill any absurd ІzadaniyaІ without fear of any consequences. Some contactees, not finding an acceptable explanation of the misinformation they become frustrated at those they consider to be their mentors, and feeling cheated, stop contact.

Of course, you should always remember that misinformation can also serve other purposes. Gullible person, it can lead to very sad results. This is especially dangerous in the case of contact negative, when Іta storonaІ prefers to deal with people with painful ambitious ego, with unbalanced mind and underdeveloped intelligence. The negative results of such contact may affect not only the most contactees, but also on its environment. Such people easy to manage through influence on their emotional state, they can easily cause a negative attitude to the people around them, pushing them to conflict.

Strict and reasonable control of their own and other people's actions by a contactee, the ability to sift through the information it receives and does not act on another tip, and at its discretion, to avoid a lot of trouble.

Not being able to thoroughly and more deeply consider many aspects of contact with a different reality, I would like to believe that our small efforts to research this phenomenon will attract the attention of scientists colleagues. In turn, this could be a big help by contactees.


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