The new project has set a goal to open a new 10 million in 50 years

Recently, in the pages of the famous magazine Systematics and Biodiversity, published an article in which 39 scientists set out an ambitious plan to organize search unknown to mankind species of flora and fauna.

In accordance with the project plan, carefully described on the website of the British Museum of Natural History, the authors argue that under the current dynamics of the annual average of 18 000 open unknown species. To achieve the level of 10 million, experts predict increase the frequency of detection of new types of more than one order, using for this purpose advanced technologies.

Prime among experts believe a large-scale digitization of currently existing collections, merge databases, as well as to systematize DNA sequencing.

Focusing on located 3 billion, and sometimes not even infected samples around the world, experts are confident that the only ordering will significantly expand the amount of land known to man.

As part of a comprehensive approach to the systematization and integration of databases, the researchers plan to create your card for each individual, whether identified or not, mind. The database will have to contain graphics of new species, their genetic, bibliographic and other information.

The implementation of this large-scale project is planned for the area of the British Museum of Natural History, which today is kept at more than 70 million different items.

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