The Norwegian company has developed an unmanned spy nanokopter

The Norwegian company has developed an unmanned spy nanokopter
Developers Norwegian company Prox Dynamics made a system of individual intelligence-based handheld helicopter PD-100 Black Hornet. Mobile unmanned helicopter designed to provide a means infantry reconnaissance of the area, reconnaissance and surveillance of enemy action specifically on the battlefield.

Complex RMRN PD-100 from Prox Dynamics nanokoptera consists of PD-100 and the base station. The complex is placed in a pocket, weighs less than a kilogram and has dimensions 20h9h5 cm, not including the monitor.


Properties UAV PD-100:

rotor diameter — less than 28 cm;

speed — up to 10m/min;

Wet weight — 30 grams less;

flight time — 25 minutes.


electro-controlled camera with pan and tilt, depth view of the camera — 1 km;

a digital data channel;

autopilot with autonomous and controlled flight modes;

video navigation system and GPS.

Flight modes:



automatic target acquisition by Swatch;

flight on this route.

Base Station PD-100 provides planning, execution, and analysis tasks, monitor connection, makes the function control and storage of data, including video and images, and connect to a PC, network, or peripheral devices.

The entire system can be trained to run for 1 minute, works indoors and outdoors, and small-size helicopter is silent; to master the skills of working with it is not required long-term training or experience of piloting; poses no threat to other aircraft or people; can do both reusable and one-off jobs.

PD-100 complex is designed to perform the following tasks:

search and rescue;

Prospecting in inaccessible places;

Review for the obstacles;

review with a bird’s-eye view;

identification of objects;

control over the actions of the crowd;

oversight of nuclear power plants;

check chemical plants after unfortunate incidents and cases.

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