The number of springs in Stavropol three years decreased threefold

The number of springs in the Taman and Mamayskom forests Stavropol three years fell three times, up to 46 sources, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the head of city public organization "Environmental Patrol" Andrei Evdokimov.

"In 2008, studies were done, including laboratory, the quality of drinking water in two forests — Mamayskom and Taman. Then there were 154 active spring, at the moment only 46" — said Evdokimov.

According to environmentalist if Stavropol remain only two or three of the spring, and then comes the "moment of X, then the stock of bottled water is hardly enough for the people," and lead to the city on the water tanks would be difficult.

"We will initiate and before the city and regional Duma to amend the law that the wastewater is treated and discharged into the river. There are several exits — increased fines: instead of 10,000 to their 100 thousand or placed in homes where there is no sewer, a special device, which will be from sewage make technical (water), "- said Evdokimov.

Also, the source said that in Stavropol has a number of areas including Mamayka located near Mamayskogo forest, where the private sectors in addition to smaller homes and apartment there, but there is no sewage system. Instead of cesspools, people dump sewage into the forest.

According Evdokimov, environmentalists are planning a series of events to draw attention of the authorities to these problems. The first rally for a healthy lifestyle will be on January 29 at the area of 200 th anniversary in Stavropol.

Alexander Levshakova

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