The oldest Russian rescue ship Navy Commune celebrated its centenary with a day or bookmarks

The oldest of the Russian rescue ship Navy "Commune" celebrated the centenary of the day with bookmarks

The oldest Russian rescue ship Navy "Commune" celebrated its centenary with a day or bookmarks. During his long and eventful service, "Commune", called the construction "Volkhov", which solved the ship lifting and rescue tasks in the First World War, chenila submarines and ships in the years majestically Russian was floating base submarines and carrier midget submarines. At the current time ship equipped with a modern complex of underwater remotely operated vehicle "Panther Plus" and successfully makes the tasks of search and rescue services.

The honor of lifting St. Andrew's flag was given to veteran rescue ship "Commune" retired Lt. Col. Vladimir Kartseva. On the festive meeting dedicated to the centenary of day or bookmark ship, crew members and awarded certificates of gratitude for the respect for the safety of the ship and the traditions of the "Commune".

The vessel "Volkhov" was laid on November 12 in 1912 in Petrograd at the shipyard Putilov and was intended to raise the sunken ships and rescue submarines. The vessel "Volkhov" participated in the revolutionary events and in civilian war, serving submarine Reddish Baltic Fleet. In March 1922, the general meeting of the team, it was decided to rename the ship, and December 31 (in the day of the USSR) rescue ship given a new name — the "Commune". For his service in the First World War and the Russian stateliness, the ship "Commune" has helped more than 100 ships and submarines.

In Sevastopol, a veteran ship arrived in 1967 and on "Sevmorzavod" was converted into a ship-to-medium submersibles.

PAUL Deeva, senior assistant captain's rescue ship "Commune":
"Displacement boats grew and exceeded a thousand tons, the task of" Commune "has been changed to rescue crews. Not so long ago, was on board the underwater autonomous unit AS 5, which could go down — this is a small submarine boat special forces — it could stick to the Underwater boat. And at a time 22 people moved into this unit and brought on board.

This apparatus was transferred to the Baltic. "Commune" is equipped with a modern complex of underwater remotely operated vehicle "Panther Plus".

PAUL Deeva, senior assistant captain's rescue ship "Commune":
"It may work up to thousands of meters and transmit the submarine livelihoods can connect hoses for ventilation, electrical cable, can through the torpedo apparatus proshlyuzovat there cupboards with food, medicines, warm clothes. Because of this, you can extend the life of the crew. "

"Commune" is called "pearl" of Russian shipbuilding legend pravitelskogo fleet. For today — it's the only ship so honorable age of the existing ones.

PAUL Deeva, senior assistant captain's rescue ship "Commune": "There is a court older — but they are not acting -" Aurora "is the battleships in America. The municipality is the only ship that can do those tasks, which she did. We have everything in order. Because we are proud of. "

MARGARET Pronin, reporter:
"Navigating bridge is located at an altitude of 22 meters above sea level. And then there is the main command post — the pride of the Commune. "
Steering wheel, the engine telegraph — then managed to keep everything in the (intact).
Few ships in the world, live to one hundred years old. "Commune" does not simply remain afloat, she continues to do tasks assigned to it. Seafarers they say, the secret of vessel — a unique material from which made its case. Then used a special sticky malleable "Putilovskaya" ship steel. The recipe for the production of the metal, which has no analogues in the world, unfortunately, lost.
Building "Commune" is actually not affected by corrosion and wear.

Anatoly Ishino, Captain rescue ship "Commune":
"If the last dock repair was in 2005, produced frozen thickness of the case. Ice Time — First, the thickness was 16 mm, at the time in March 2005 was 14.9 mm thick — a little wear "

History Oldest Acquisition of the vessel has a lot of legends. One of them — about the golden rivet.

PAUL Deeva, senior assistant captain's rescue ship "Commune":
"In the construction of the" Commune "applied a thousand three hundred and sixty pounds of rivets. If all the rivets to assemble and weigh 1,360 pounds will. I think it's a lot. They say that in the middle of a golden rivet. According to the legend — it invented the capital to the purification of the hull, the people wanted a purely qualitative, trying to find this rivet. Rivets you beheld, if one gold — there is not one weaving grams of gold will be. "

Another fascinating story. In 1984, when a military crew was disbanded, "Commune" thoroughly looted. Were not able to carry baby grand — a gift of the ruler, as to carry the tool along with the construction of the vessel and make it now impossible. Grand piano Oldest Acquisition offices Russian Empire «Diederichs Frires" (Diederichs Freres) with an aristocratic era of Nicholas II design decorates wardroom "Commune" in 1912. Inside the instrument — Coat of Arms Russian Empire and the date of manufacture — 1898 year.

And in 2010, the "Commune" appeared ship St. Nicholas Church. The ship's crew hopes that the church will rescue ship "commune" from the cut. Who will rise to the shrine of hand? Although the cancellation of "Commune" read early. Despite the honorable age, ship is worthy of St. Andrew's flag, intensely participating in various events of emergency service fleet-related outlets to the sea. — Transfers NTS

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