The parallel world (many episodes) watch online

The parallel world (many episodes) watch online
If you are interested in all the unknown and mysterious, if you seek to understand the paranormal and find out about the most unspeakable and classroom events that happen around us — documentary and educational cycle "Parallel World ", of course, to give you exactly the information that you retrieve.
In every issue of this series discusses specifically about such things! We can not ignore them, turn away and just close their eyes, but from that miracles do not occur less often and nothing pleads their mystique. But if for a moment forget about the brakes and the usual run on its own life, home, family, work, constant problems … and turn around, we will find that we are surrounded by world class, in which each day, each hour and every minute there are simply bewitches phenomenon!

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Unidentified, anomalies, other world

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