The Passion According to Saif al-Islam

The Passion According to Saif al-IslamMost political announcements from a certain region resemble soap operas, the beginning of which no one can remember, and no end to them in sight. If all of the television series on the website you already reviewed, it's time to make acquaintance with the television series of political nature. One of these protracted political thriller television series of the elements can be linked to events in modern Libya.

As you know, after the assassination of Libya's Muammar Gaddafi's favorite new government of this North African country decided to switch to the persecution of members of his family. After the arrest of Colonel Gaddafi's son — Seif al-Islam in the PNS Libya said they would judge the man on multiple charges. In the middle of these allegations were those which related to the organization of mass murder on the ground Libya, a chain of rapes that took place in Tipo numerous palaces of the family Gaddafi. It was reported that Seif al-Islam blame for the fact that he gave orders directed to the shooting of peaceful demonstrators.

But then the situation has caught quite so serial color, in which the writers themselves have no idea how to continue the story. In this regard, there is evidence that the offspring of Colonel impossible to prosecute on designated facts, because there is no evidence on this issue does not exist. But the laws of the genre sought development of the situation, and Saif al-Islam made new accusations. These charges are looked after image: Muammar Gaddafi's son to bring into the Libyan countryside camels without a license — this time; Safe Al-Islam does not comply with the rules rybolovodcheskogo economy …

Human rights organizations demand to judge Gaddafi-son to the Hague International Court. But if so, it becomes quite clear why al-Islam should be done in The Hague: neuzh-international tribunal that will try the case on the illegal importation of camels or incorrect fishing in the Mediterranean Sea. The judges in The Hague eager to build Safe Al-Islam on trial since March 2011. This is understandable — people just want to work, because for 10 years of the ICC in The Hague sentenced there only 1 person. With these performance indicators, the ICC has long time to dissolve, but stubbornly continues to exist.

It remains to wait for the protracted Libyan television series about the misadventures of Saif al-Islam in order to realize a parallel plan for its writers.

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