The Red Book of Kuzbass replenished with new kinds of endangered animals

The second edition of the regional Red Book was published in the Kuzbass, in him, in particular, found in the area included a small swan, Ferruginous Duck and Snow Leopard, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti employee of the regional administration.

The Red Book of the Kemerovo region was published for the first time in 2000.

"The new edition, which prepared the experts of the Department of Natural Resources and leading biologists, allows for changes in the ten-plus years in the flora and fauna of the region," — said the source.

According to him, now Kuzbass Red List includes 165 species of plants and fungi (in the first edition — 152) and 135 species (in the first edition — 124).

"Changes in the number of species in need of protection are mainly connected with the need for the regional edition of the Red Book of Russia. Thus, in the Kuznetsk Basin revealed a small swan, Ferruginous Duck and Snow Leopard" — said the deputy governor of the Natural Resources and Environment Nina Vashlaeva.

As noted by the Deputy Governor, was in the new edition and the red-squirrel, the image of which older people mistakenly associated with agricultural sabotage.

"For the regional security in the region marked by new and extremely rare and vulnerable plant species. This perennial flax (Siberian) istoda fine-leaved, branched onion, onion Vodopyanova, common juniper, naiad large astragalus saralinsky" — said the deputy governor. At the same time, she specified, spread over the region of some plant species was more extensive than expected, the threat to their extinction is now very high, and these species are excluded from the Red Book. These include Veronica gustotsvetkovaya and dogbane lantsetolistnogo.

Updated list of rare insects and increased half a quarter. It left the forest dwellers, which are largely protected employees protected areas. Additional research has revealed that there is no threat of destruction insects like dragonfly Grezeri grandmother, protorum bumblebee, butterfly barhatnitsa Autonoe. Almost all the "newbies" inhabit steppe ecosystems destroyed by man, and, above all, the Kuznetsk steppe Vashlaeva added.

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