The results of operation of JSC UAC in 2012

At a February 26 meeting of the Board of Directors of JSC "UAC" summed up the work of the corporation in 2012, the press-service of JSC "UAC".

At the end of 2012 the volume of supplies Ministry of Defence has doubled compared with 2011. In 2012, the state defense order was executed at 100%.

The share of sales of civil aircraft for the first time exceeded 10% of total revenues of JSC "UAC", up threefold compared with 2011.

Revenue growth of JSC "UAC" was 10%, total revenue close to 180 billion rubles.

Board of Directors approved the proposal for the formation and organization of public order and civil transport aircraft for the period up to 2020. Plans for 2013-2015. provided further growth in revenues and volumes of production of JSC "UAC". The share of sales of civil aircraft should, by 2015, close to 20% of total sales.

Among the priorities for 2013 The Board of Directors took the fulfillment of the state defense order and to perform basic program design and construction of military aircraft, transport and civil aviation.

At the beginning of 2013 are planned consolidation of air transport and the implementation of the program of consolidation of assets in strategic and special aviation. In the field of military aviation in addition to the reorganization of the assets of the "Company" Sukhoi "planned further consolidation of shares" NAZ "Sokol" and attach the plant to the JSC "RAC" MiG ".

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